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Personal information
Doll of Destruction
July 20
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Release date
January 5th, 2023
Bohee Lee
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Functional oil
Defects, breakdowns
Collecting small screws

An artificial Soul who has spent many years in isolation, guarding the ruins. As a fellow artificial Soul, she feels connected to Mephistopheles. She is learning about emotional expression and social interactions, and her serious manner earns the unexpected affection of others.

Controller (Hard)
Controller (Soft)
Debuffer (DEF)
Damage over Time


Operation: Meteor Strike

Penetrates the atmosphere and strikes the battlefield. Moves towards the target with the lowest HP, then deals 220% to all enemies. The targeted enemy receives double the damage.

Level 101:

Damage changes to 240%.

Level 201:

Damage changes to 260%. Approaches the target with the lowest HP instead of approaching the nearest target, then stuns the target for 4 sec.

Strategy: Burst Harpoon

Slams the ground, causing an explosion. Deals damage equal to 240% of ATK in a range of 1.8m wide and 6m long in front of a nearby enemy, and makes the enemy take 60% bleeding damage every 2 sec for 6 sec.

Level 81:

Damage changes to 260% bleeding, damage changes to 65%.

Level 181:

Damage changes to 280% bleeding, damage changes to 70% Bleeding, duration changes to 8 sec.

Strategy: Dark Moon

Accelerates the booster to attack the opponent's rear. Moves to the furthest enemy, dealing damage equal to 170% of ATK in a 2m radius circle. Also stuns the enemy for 3 seconds and stealths for 8 seconds. You cannot be taunted while stealthed.

Level 21:

Damage changes to 185% of ATK.

Level 121:

Damage changes to 200% of ATK. Adds an effect which decreases target's DEF by 15% for 10 sec.

DPS - Single
Strategy: Crescent Moon

Attacks while drawing a semicircle with the tip of the toe. Deals damage equal to 150% of ATK to the nearest enemy and knocks it down, and makes the enemy take 55% bleeding damage every 2 sec for 6 sec.

Level 41:

Damage changes to 165%, bleeding damage changes to 60%.

Level 141:

Damage changes to 180% bleeding, damage changes to 65% Bleeding duration changes to 8 sec.

Thermoelectric Shield

Converts the heat generated from attacks into energy for defense. Using the skill generates a Residual Heat buff for 5 seconds. Under the Residual Heat buff, normal attacks create a protective shield with the capacity of absorbing 100% of ATK damage lasting for 12 seconds.

Level 61:

Shield HP changes to 110%.

Level 161:

Shield HP changes to 120%. Adds an effect which increases Evasion by 10 while the shield is active (The Evasion effect does not stack.)


Gae Bulg

When the battle begins, ATK increases by 12% for 30 seconds.

Upgrade 1:

ATK increase changes to 18%.

Upgrade 2:

ATK increase changes to 24%.

Upgrade 3:

ATK increase changes to 30%. Adds an effect which increases Evasion by 10.

Upgrade 4:

ATK increase changes to 36%.

Upgrade 5:

ATK increase changes to 42%.

Upgrade 6:

ATK increase changes to 48%. Evasion increase changes to 20.

Stats (at level 40):

ATK: +25%

HP: +14%

Crit Rate: +15%

Crit DMG: +20%



The only assassin in the game that instantly teleports to the backline, Jacqueline has tremendous potential to carry entire stages when left unchecked. Unlike Linzy, her kit is mostly offensive with less durability so that her DPS can skyrocket the first 30s of the match and nuke 1 backline, while Linzy slowly ramps up damage over long fights.

On top of that, S1 prevents her from being taunted, so she can stay on the target until it's dead (or yourself). Investing in her artifact boosts her attack for the first 30 seconds, which synergizes with her purpose of killing a backline in the early stages of the fight. Her ult is also one of the only ult in the game that targets the lowest HP unit, instead of the highest attack or nearest unit, making this extremely useful to pick off another backline after the first one is down.

A well-invested Jac can make short work of stages where there are high-priority backlines like Ayame, Mephi, and Vivi. This is especially prominent in 16-45, which ran Ayame and Honglan as 2 extremely annoying backlines, but Jac is able to make short work of them. Without her, expect to level your frontlines a lot more since the damage from Ayame and Honglan there is ridiculously high.

However, Jac is almost rendered useless if she is not invested enough, acting as a short distraction before being killed due to the lack of stats to survive as well as DPS to finish her job. Her M1 cooldown is also extremely long, and your target will most likely be already dead most of the time.

Compared to Linzy, she is much more niche as a backline due to the lack of durability, and her DPS also falters as the match progresses which will be a common occurrence towards late game. Without substantial resources invested in Jac for endgame stages to the point where she can kill the backline almost immediately, it would be better to instead invest in Linzy which at least has higher survivability and DPS for longer stages.

Single Bosses

Her signature jump is not as useful since the boss is not squishy that can be eliminated instantly, and her early-stage ATK boost heavily falls off due to boss fights being extended DPS checks.


Jac is an excellent pick if you can position her to jump into high-priority backlines like Vivienne or Mephi, being the only unit that can snipe off a backline at the start of the game. Be careful of Naiah, since her artifact allows her to sleep a Jac when low enough, which could end up killing her due to how squishy Jac is.

Pros & Cons

  • The backline killer.

  • Immune to taunt.


  • Requires very heavy investment to be able to kill targets in later stages.

  • Weak survival skills.


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