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Personal information
Lady Noir
February 5
Combat information
Gear type
Availability and VA information
Release date
January 5th, 2023
Jiyoon Park
Hobby and other information
Lilies, herbal tea
Appreciating scenery

The Knight Commander of the Order of Blackhawk protecting the Kingdom of Solrey and Queen Yuria. Her standards are clear: She always pursues the best path without compromising. She goes around with Rose and Chloe, who are her childhood friends since long ago.

Controller (Hard)
Debuffer (DEF)


Moment of Twisted Fate

Approaches the enemy with the highest ATK and inflicts damage equal to 320% of ATK with a series of sword and gun attacks. If the "Daze" special buff is at 10 stacks or higher, deals additional damage equal to 100% of ATK and stuns the enemy for 4 seconds.

Level 101:

Damage changes to 340%, additional damage changes to 140%.

Level 201:

Damage changes to 360%, additional damage changes to 160% and if the "Daze" buff is at 20 stacks, this skill will always deal critical hits.

Avenging Sword

Instantly moves to the rear of the enemy with the highest ATK, dealing damage equal to 250% of ATK. If the "Daze" special buff is at 10 stacks or higher, deals additional damage equal to 100% of ATK.

Level 81:

Damage changes to 270%, additional damage changes to 110% and stuns the target for 2 seconds.

Level 181:

Damage changes to 290%, additional damage changes to 120%.

DPS - Single
Acrobatic Fire

Jumps into the air and attacks while dodging the enemy's attack. Deals damage equal to 170% of ATK to the nearest enemy and Linzy's Evasion increases by 30 for 18 seconds.

Level 21:

Damage changes to 190%.

Level 121:

Damage changes to 210% additionally increases Evasion by 20 for 6 seconds.

DPS - Single
Blink and You'll Miss It

Instantly cuts the nearest enemy, dealing damage equal to 170% of ATK. If the "Daze" special buff is at 5 stacks or higher, deals additional damage equal to 90% of ATK.

Level 41:

Damage changes to 185%, additional damage changes to 100%.

Level 141:

Damage changes to 200%, additional damage changes to 110%. Adds an effect that decreases the enemy's DEF by 10% for 8 seconds.


Blinds the target who was hit by Linzy's attack with its thirst for revenge, provoking it to attack Linzy for 4 seconds while reducing its accuracy rate by 20. Obtains 2 stacks of "Daze" special buff that increases Crit DMG by 4% every time Linzy evades the enemy's attack (up to 20 stacks).

Level 61:

Crit DMG of the "Daze" special buff changes to 4.5% and when Linzy deals a normal attack gains 1 stack of the "Daze" special buff.

Level 161:

Crit DMG of the "Daze" special buff changes to 5%.



Adds an effect to "Daze" that increases ATK by 0.4%.

Upgrade 1:

ATK increase changes to 0.6%.

Upgrade 2:

ATK increase changes to 0.8%.

Upgrade 3:

ATK increase changes to 1%. Adds an effect that increases Crit Rate by 1%.

Upgrade 4:

ATK increase changes to 1.2%.

Upgrade 5:

ATK increase changes to 1.4%.

Upgrade 6:

ATK increase changes to 1.6%. Crit Rate increase changes to 1.6%.

Stats (at level 40):

ATK: +25%

HP: +14%

Crit Rate: +15%

Crit DMG: +20%



The Whale GOAT of story stages, Linzy packs one of the most critical kits in all idle games; the ability to reset runs until you clear. What this refers to is firstly her extremely high evasion, as well as her high crit rate and crit damage. Before even discussing her kit, know that all idle games follow the formula of infinite resets on a story stage until the perfect RNG of evade and crit aligns, allowing your underlevelled units to clear. Linzy is the catalyst that can make it happen because so much of her kit is reliant on RNG, and all you have to do is constantly reset the stage until you reach one where she evades all the high-damage skills, or critting and one-shotting the enemy carry in a single M1 or her sub-skills.

Her bread and butter, S3, applies Daze up to 20 stacks, which increases her crit (with artifact at upgrade 3+), crit dmg, and attack, causing her DPS to spike drastically at 20 stacks. This ability also enhances her ult and M1 to deal even more damage, and it is truly satisfying to see Linzy S1 crit and kill a backline, then S2 critting and instantly killing another backline, and finally ult to kill the 3rd backline.

No other unit has the carry potential as high as Linzy, and almost all early 15-45 clearers used a hyper-invested Linzy, so it is no coincidence that all the whales invested in her specifically to clear the story. For other players who lack the resources to build a hyper-carry Linzy, it is advisable to instead invest in other backlines and frontlines to make a stable comp first that can survive, while loaning a whale’s Linzy to carry stages for you instead since most whales would have invested in her.

As of 16-45, Linzy is no longer the end-all-be-all GOAT with further investments on other units shining, such as Jac, who can also make short work of enemy backlines instantly without relying on RNG, but keep in mind that this is typically an extremely hyper-focused unit >lvl 235.

Linzy’s weakness also comes from her strength; without the investments funneled into her, her crit and crit dmg would not be enough to oneshot any backlines, rendering her useless. Being a double-edged sword, players should see her as an end-game investment goal if they lack the resources early on to build a crazy Linzy.

Single Bosses

Linzy deals tremendous damage at 20 daze stacks, on top of enabling stuns if we have similar boss mechanics in the future. Being a melee unit, she is also a crucial enabler for Haru comp to proc the 30% teamwide attack buff. Her evasion is unfortunately not that useful since we have heals and cleanses to back up our units.


Linzy is one of the best anti-meta units, capable of dismantling stall comp’s backline when her S1 is up. That being said, her strong reliance on RNG may make or break the fight for you if the RNGesus was not in your favor that match, so players could opt for more consistent units if they want to leave fewer things to probability, especially since you cant reset PVP stages.

Note that Linzy should also only be used in high investments, and if you followed the team building recommendation of focusing on your backline and frontline, your Linzy may not be strong enough to shine in PVP, especially since you cannot hire friend units.

Pros & Cons

  • Backline killed with good tanking capabilities

  • RNG Goddess.


  • Requires heavy investment in her own ascencion as well as her artifact.

  • RNG Goddess.


Full design