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Personal information
Guide of the Dead
April 23
Combat information
Gear type
Availability and VA information
Release date
January 5th, 2023
Minjeong Yeo
Hobby and other information
Shiny things, jokes
Doing nothing, collecting things

A graveyard Soul that exudes a spooky aura. No one can tell what's in her mind because she's a soul of few words with an absent-minded face. Her hobby is playing with expressionless faces. Maybe she has something to do with the rumors of the ghost in the cemetery...

Debuffer (Other)


UnderWorld Keeper's Evil Eyes

Activates Petra's evil eyes, dealing damage equal to 10% of her max HP to all enemies. removes up to 2 buff effects, and Petra recovers HP equal to damage dealt (damage cannot be greater than 300% of Petra's ATK),

Level 101:

Damage changes to 12%.

Level 201:

Damage changes to 14%. Changes the number of buffs removed to 3.

Energy Absorption

Recovers HP by absorbing the surrounding energy. Absorbs HP equal to 12% of the max HP of each enemy within 3m (damage cannot be greater than 300% of Petra's ATK).

Level 81:

HP absorption changes to 14%.

Level 181:

HP absorption changes to 16%. Absorbs 2 times the HP if there is only one enemy within 3m.

Soul Extortion

Extorts the soul of the enemy with the highest ATK and locks it up in the lantern. The target takes 30% of the damage Petra receives for 18 seconds. Soul Extortion is unavoidable.

Level 21:

Damage transfer changes to 35%.

Level 121:

Damage transfer changes to 40%. Targets affected by Soul Extortion will attack Petra throughout the duration.

Soul Release

Releases the lamp-bound soul, granting a shield that absorbs damage equal to 140% of Petra's ATK for 12 seconds to all allies.

Level 41:

Shield HP changes to 160%.

Level 141:

Shield HP changes to 180%. Adds an effect which decreases the ATK of enemies within 2.5m by 10% 8 seconds

Fickle Grave Keeper

If there is no ally within 2.5m around Petra, the Lonely Grave Keeper special buff will increase DEF by 60%. If there is an ally within that range, the Grave Keeper's Bond special buff will increase ATK by 30%.

Level 61:

Lonely Grave Keeper buff effect's DEF increase changes to 70%, Grave Keeper's Bond buff effect's ATK increase changes to 35%

Level 161:

Lonely Grave Keeper buff effect's DEF increase changes to 80%, Grave Keeper's Bond buff effect's ATK increase changes to 40,% Immune to status effects and knockback effect while Lonely Grave Keepers active.


Spirit-Calling Incense

Adds an effect to "Soul Extortion" that absorbs 0.5% of the target's HP every 2 seconds for 18 seconds (damage for each effect duration cannot be greater than 100% of ATK).

Upgrade 1:

Absorbed HP changes to 0.75%.

Upgrade 2:

Absorbed HP changes to 1%.

Upgrade 3:

Absorbed HP changes to 1.5%.

Upgrade 4:

Absorbed HP changes to 1.75%.

Upgrade 5:

Absorbed HP changes to 2%.

Upgrade 6:

Absorbed HP changes to 2.5%.

Stats (at level 40):

ATK: +10%

DEF: +10%

HP: +29%

Physical Resistance: +5%



The seemingly impossible-to-kill tank if she can use M1 against multiple frontlines, Petra’s durability really starts to ramp up if she is able to live and cast her first M1. Her kit heavily revolves around relying on her being a one-woman tank against multiple frontlines for her S3 to give a whopping 80% DEF buff and immunity to status effects.

She also has innate damage sharing S1 with the enemy’s highest attack unit while taunting them, as well as a teamwide shield and ATK reduction for all enemies on S2, relieving the pressure off of your other units. From the early to midgame, her durability is uncontested amongst all tanks, even when running without a faction bonus.

That being said, Petra’s kit slowly starts to fall off when you approach endgame, especially when compared with other tanks due to several reasons. Firstly, her bread and butter M1 is restricted by her own ATK even though it does max HP% damage. This will start to reduce drastically when enemy frontlines get tankier, while Petra’s own ATK stats can’t keep up.

Secondly, her innate tankiness only kicks in if she’s the only frontline with no units around her, or she loses the 80% DEF buff. This is problematic since endgame stages will start to demand more than 1 frontline (even Catherine is within her range, which is almost irreplaceable to grind out elite stages), as there is no tank that can solo tank the enemy DPS assuming you hyper-invested into your DPS. Without her S3 in effect, her durability is noticeably weaker compared to Chloe or Claire.

Lastly, the faction bonus starts to matter towards the end, where you need every bit of stats that affects both your frontline and backline to survive and deal enough DPS for the stages and with the introduction of Velenna, undead comps have proven to be extremely strong, clearing even 16-45 with ease. The key is a built Jacqueline and Velenna, while Petra acts as the anchor to hold the frontline while Velenna charges her M1 and ult.

Single Bosses

For boss stages, Petra, unfortunately, falls short just like any other tank since they are a DPS check, although this could change in the future with the introduction of more bosses that hits harder (such as guild coop). That being said, there have been reports of some runs where the boss hits an undergeared Petra during her S1 damage sharing, which ended up dealing millions of damage.

 This has not been proven to be consistent, so take it with a big pinch of salt.


For PVP, Petra is an incredible frontline as long as you face multiple frontline comps since her sustain is almost unstoppable. S1 forcing the enemy carry to attack Petra further saves your squishy backlines from assassins like Linzy. That said, undead comps are still slightly weaker since there are no ults, preventing hyper carries like Velenna to scale with the ult that bleeds.

Pros & Cons

  • Best solo tank in early and mid game.

  • Taunt, Teamwide shield and damage sharing.


  • Loses too much of her utility when paired with other tanks or frontliners such as Catherine.

  • M1 restricted by her own low attack.


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