Generic tips

  • Use the available codes as soon as they are released - they usually give you more gems and pulls. You can find new codes on our Discord or on the Home page here.
  • Don't bother with rerolling. In an idle game, an additional copy of an Epic means nothing and also the game has an infinite newbie banner from which you can get 1 Epic of your choice (Angels and Demons are excluded from the banner),
  • Also, during the first 2 days you will do roughly 100-150 pulls - you will obtain a lot of tickets and Everstones from progressing and from current events,
  • Take any tier list you find during first 1-2 weeks with a grain of salt. Nobody was able to play the game, so rating characters is basically impossible,
  • In the Release Soul screen tap the checkbox to automatically release Normal rarity units - this will save you a lot of time.

Everstones spending

  • Do a 10-pull as soon as you obtain enough tickets and/or enough Everstones (2100),
  • 90% of the Everstones you earn should be used on summoning new characters. The game heavily relies on dupes and fodder so without pulling you will get stuck.


  • Keep your main damage dealer 10 levels above the rest of the team and level the rest equally - this will help you progress faster,
  • While in the first 6 chapters, you can use a random team with Epics you've pulled, after that abusing the Faction bonuses and using characters with synergy becomes important. Try to build a team with at least the 3 same faction bonus once you reach Chapter 7,
  • Try different Formations! Sometimes even switching characters within a formation can heavily affect the outcome of the battle,
  • The free copy of Rebecca that you obtain after clearing Chapter 5 is a godsend. She's an anti-healer, which makes her perfect to counter the healing-heavy teams you start meeting in Chapter 7 and above,
  • The Hire Soul feature (found in Friends tab) makes progression so much easier. You can daily hire 5 characters from your friends and use each once to complete a stage - only when you clear a stage, it will count as used, so don't be afraid to try various things and fail. Compared to other idle games, where you can hire a character for a whole week and also only use it once, here you can re-hire them every day! So go and grab some high level friends to carry you.
  • Don't instantly open resource boxes and only use them when you actually need it (so when you hit a wall). How many resources you will obtain from a box depends on your progress in the story - so opening them later will give you more.

Level Sync

  • Only level 5 characters. After you unlock the Level Sync feature (you need to clear stage 2-25), you will be able to add characters to it and they will be leveled up to match the level of your top 5 characters (the lowest one among them),
  • Level Sync allows you to bypass level cap restrictions - if you want to use a character badly in your team, but she is at her level cap, throw her into the Level Sync! If your top 5 characters are above the level that limits her, she will be leveled beyond it,
  • This means that you can Ascend 5 Rare characters (4 from different factions and you double up on one) up to Legendary+ (which translates to 160 level cap) - later down the line, you can Fooder them to your Epics to push them even further, so nothing was wasted,
  • Don't be afraid to try different characters. You can reset them at anytime and get 100% resources used to level them - it costs a bit of Everstones, but if you bought the Monthly Pass, it's free,
  • Unlocking a few more slots for Everstones isn't a bad investment - it will allow you to progress easier through the Faction Gates and the rewards there are actually really damn good,
  • Removing someone from the Synchro Device has a heavy penalty attached to it - you need to wait 24h to add a new character in that spot again.

Game modes

  • Do your Hall of Memories run as close to the weekly reset as possible during the first few weeks. The reason for doing is that you will gain power quickly in the early game and unlock higher difficulties - if you do the lowest one right after unlocking the mode, you will gain a nice boost of resources, but you will on a lot more stuff that's locked behind higher difficulties,
  • In Gate Breakthrough, once you unlock the faction Gates (need to clear stage 8-35), even a 3-man team will be enough to push the first 10-20 levels, so don't be afraid of trying. The rewards there are worth it.

Zodiac system

  • You get one point to spend her for each account level. So at level 50 account level, you will have 50 points to spend,
  • While investing into Signs that give you stats is tempting, don't do that. Instead first you should invest into those 3 Signs: Aries, Cancer, and Pisces. They increase the amount of Gold, Mana Crystal and Mana Dust you obtain from idle rewards.


  • Once you unlock Artifacts (need to clear stage 4-10), you will be able to use the Artifact banner. We suggest to add Artifacts for the characters you to use the Wishlist first and pull 1 copy only,
  • Artifacts give a character not only a decent stat boost, but if you pair an artifact with its proper owner, you will also unlock an additional skill,
  • Don't focus on pulling dupes for the Artifacts, as we don't know what the end-game meta will look like and who will shine there. Instead, pull the basic version of the artifact for every character you have and the start saving the tickets till you decide on your team,
  • Don't enhance or level artifacts yet (only level one to 4 for the quest).


  • Prioritize buying the Building imprints instead of trees and other similar things. While they give the same Fame (as its tied to the cost), buildings actually allow you to unlock more missions and also add characters to some that improve their stats in combat,
  • Visit friend's towns daily and kill the monsters there. For each town you clear, you will get 10 Hearts which equals to 1 pull on the Friendly banner,
  • Don't forget to send out your characters on missions (Part-time jobs) - they give you resources and other useful stuff,
  • Every 4 hours the Town changes its cycle and new missions can appear, so when you see the red dot on the Town icon in lobby, you know that new missions appeared,

Cash shop

  • Spending $1 gives you Talia, one of the strongest early game carries,
  • The Growth Pack has the best value in the game,
  • The Sync Pass has a really good value for the price and gives you materials and more pulls,
  • Both Monthly subs are worth their price, but Manon Pack gives you a lot of quality of life features on top of all the Everstones.