Hightech Toy

Hightech Toy

The Hightech event starts on the 23rd of November 2022 and will last for 2 weeks.

The event consist of Normal and Hard stages that require tickets to challenge - you receive 5 free tickets per day and there are 24 stages in total (12 normal and 12 hard). Keep in mind that during the first week, only Normal will be available, so don't buy additional tickets till you clear Hard. After that you can attack the highest available stage to gather more event currency and boxes with character leveling materials.

Also, make sure to use all your 5 entries every day, because they don't stack and refresh daily.

Event structure

Hightech Toy

The event's home screen gives you an easy access to all sub-screens and here's a list of them and what's inside.

  • Go!! - this will lead you to the event stages,
  • Bonus Rewards - this will open a popup that will show which characters increase the chance to obtain the Hero Dice (event currency). Here's the list of promoted characters and how much they increase the chance:
    • Laplace +60%
    • Maxwell +40%
    • Drake +40%
    • Volume +30%
    • Emma +30%
    • Diesel +30%
    • Rapi +20%
    • Anis +20%
    • Neon +20%
  • Mini-game - this will lead you to a special map where you can use the Dice that you obtain from clearing the stages,
  • Shop - here you can buy additional tickets necessary to attack the stages. Wait for Hard to unlock before buying anything!
  • Mission - this will lead you to the missions screen where you can obtain additional Dice for clearing Normal and Hard stages.

Event Stages

Compared to the previous event, the number of stages has been increased from 10 per difficulty, to 12.

The power recommended to clear 1-12 stage is 14800, so it's similar to the previous event.

The last repeatable stage in Normal is 1-11 and it gives:

  • 50 Hero Dice per clear (rng based),
  • 2x 1h Core Dust Boxes.

The stage also requires 12900 Combat Power.


Hightech Toy

Similar to the previous event, you will obtain additional event currency for clearing the stages. In total, you can obtain:

  • 1400 for clearing Normal - 1200 for the stages and 200 bonus,
  • 2800 for clearing Hard - 2400 for the stages and 400 bonus.

So in total you can obtain 4200 Dice from Missions only.


Hightech Toy

This time, instead of simply obtaining the event currency and then spending it in the shop, you have to participate in a mini-game.

You need 40 Dice to do one roll and then Laplace will move forward by a random amount of fields - between 1 and 6, just like on a classic dice.

Stepping on a field will grant you two things: a random reward and Hero Power (either +5 or -10, depending on the field you stepped on). Also, once you finish a lap, you will also obtain 50 Hero Power.

Hightech Toy

To finish a lap, you need to pass 30 fields, and depending on the RNG, this might take 5 Dice (if you land 6 on each one) or up to 30 (if you always land 1). Still, those two are the extreme options and while we still need to do the math, you should use around 10-15 Dice Rolls per one lap on average.

What happens when you fill the Hero Power meter? Laplace will Decimate all the Raptures that are a threat to the board and you will obtain additional rewards. Here's a list of them:

  • 1 Decimate = 1 Normal Pull Ticket
  • 2 Decimates = 1 Normal Pull Ticket
  • 3 Decimates = 1 Normal Pull Ticket
  • 4 Decimates = 1 Normal Pull Ticket
  • 5 Decimates = 2 Normal Pull Tickets
  • 6 Decimates = 2 Normal Pull Tickets
  • 7 Decimates = 2 Normal Pull Tickets
  • 8 Decimates = 2 Advanced Pull Tickets
  • 9 Decimates = 2 Advanced Pull Tickets
  • 10 Decimates = 3 Advanced Pull Tickets
  • 11+ Decimates = 1 1h Core Dust box

This means, to obtain all the pull tickets, you will need to Decimate the board 10 times. Still, considering you cant obtain 4200 Dice from Missions only + 20/50 Dice per first clear of each stage + 50 Dice from each repeated stage, even as a F2P player with average luck, you should be able to easily do that.

Login calendar

Hightech Toy

Together with the event, a login calendar will be available that will give additional rewards:

  • Day 1 - 300 Gems
  • Day 2 - 15x Skill Upgrade Materials box
  • Day 3 - 10x SSR Gifts (Missilis Vip Card)
  • Day 4 - 50x SR Shards and 10x SSR Shard
  • Day 5 - 3x Advanced Pull Tickets
  • Day 6 - 1x 24h Credits Box, 1x 12h Battle Caps Box, 1x 12h Core Dust box
  • Day 7 - 10x Normal Pull Tickets

This means, that in total, this event will give us 20 Normal Pull tickets and 10 Advanced Pull Tickets!

Also, with the changes to the Promoted characters, as a F2P player, you can easily obtain 90% chance for the Dice to drop just by fielding Rapi, Diesel, Anis and Neon.

Good job devs for listening to the feedback and making the event both more rewarding and F2P friendly!