No Caller ID


The No Caller ID event started on the 10th of November 2022 and will last for 2 weeks.

The event consist of Normal and Hard stages that require tickets to challenge - you receive 5 free tickets per day and with 20 stages in total (10 normal and 10 hard) it means that it only takes 4 days to fully clear the stages and gather all the mission rewards - but only if you're strong enough to do it that. After that you can attack the highest available stage to gather more event currency.

Event structure


The event's home screen gives you an easy access to all sub-screens and here's a list of them and what's inside.


Here you can check available missions and gather currency after finishing them. Be aware - for whatever reason the red dot doesn't appear on the widget even if there's something to pick up, so after you clear a stage, go there go get the event currency.


Here you can exchange the event currency for goodies. We suggest to avoid buying Sound Source - that give you additional chances to challenge the stages - and just save your Gems. Check the Tips and Tricks section below to know what you should buy.

War zone

Here you will find the event stages. They are split into Normal and Hard, but Hard will unlock after a week, so you are forced to focus on Normal only till then.

Bonus Rewards

This option will open a popup that will show characters that increase the chance for event currency (Toy Signal Tower) to drop when you clear a stage - not the amount of it, because you always get 50 Toy Signal Towers when you win the RNG roll.

  • Helm +40%
  • Privaty +30%
  • Aria +15%
  • Ludmila +15%
  • Mary +15%
  • Rapi +10%

Tips and tricks

To fully buy out the shop, you need 10 760 event currency.

Let's check how much we can gain from the event:

  • 3000 - from clearing Normal stages and completing the challenges related to them,
  • 3000 - from clearing Hard stages and completing the challenges related to them,
  • 1000 - for completing 10 challenges (basically clearing Normal)
  • 2000 - for completing 20 challenges (basically clearing Hard)

Since 9000 currency is guaranteed as long as you can clear both Normal and Hard stages, this only leaves you with 1760 currency to gain from repeating the stages.

Here is the priority of items we suggest to buy:

  1. Advanced Recruit Vouchers - 400 each (up to 10) = 4,000
  2. All Core Dust boxes (3x 2h) - 4 x 250 = 1000
  3. All Red recycle mats - 4 x 100 = 400
  4. All Green recycle mats - 6 x 60 = 360
  5. All Battle Data Sets boxes (3x 2h) - 4 x 250 = 1000
  6. High-Quality Mold - 800 for 10 each (up to 5) = 4,000

Also, make sure to use all your 5 entries every day, because they don't stack and refresh daily.