Lore Intro

The hero puppy is lively, while the indigo puppy is lonely. Pickles pondered the philosophy and fate of the distant world, and was also trapped in catching balls and canned sea bass formulas. Although time alone is precious, perhaps going for a walk by the river with everyone is also a good choice?

Should You Pull? (TLDR)

Yes! Pickles' [Clarified Topic] ability allows him to simply stand still every other turn and gain significant benefits from it. He deals a decent amount of damage on his own, but with his ultimate ability, he provides a three-round damage buff for all allies, which you can easily spam by essentially doing nothing every other turn. He fits into any team, and there are not many situations where he wouldn't be beneficial to your team.


Combat Role: Support (Buff/AP Generous), DPS


Pickles is one of the most versatile characters in the game, holding a great balance of utility while dealing significant damage himself. Similar to Regulus, he's one of those characters who, thanks to his passive ability, “Preposition”, only needs to act every other round. If he has not acted in a particular round, he gains 1 layer of Clarified Topic which enhances his next normal Skill and Ultimate gives him extra moxie for free. This makes the Puppy incredibly AP generous while building up his own ultimate “Thus Spoke Pickles”, a single target ultimate that seals ST-damage while boosting all allies damage by 30% for 2 rounds. If you still have [Clarified Topic] active when you cast the ultimate, this buff gets extends to 3 rounds.

By boosting all types of damage, and being a very AP-generous character, you can pair Pickles with even the greediest of teammates. Plus, his skill kit in itself deals pretty decent damage. Additionally, his 2nd skill, “Hedonism Implement,” is able to dispel all [Stats Up], [Pos Status], and [Counter] from up to 2 enemies starting on skill rank 2. There's almost no situation in which a team wouldn't benefit from a good boy like Pickles.

Pros & Cons

  • Pickles is one of the most versatile characters in the whole game. He deals good damage himself, while providing a significant damage boost to any damage type for his entire team with his Ultimate.
  • [Clarified Topic] is incredibly easy to gain by simply acting every other turn, additionally he starts with 2 stacks of it upon battle arrival once his Insight is invested enough.
  • He is AP Generous, as he skips acting every other turn, which works well with more greedy teammates.
  • He can also dispel enemy stat buffs and counters.

  • The majority of his abilities depend on being in [Clarified Topic] state, so they won't be as effective without it. However, it's easy to obtain, so this shouldn't be an issue.



You don't really need any of Pickles' dupes since he's already extremely effective without them, but if you're aiming for a dupe goal, the increase in the buff percentage for [Thus Spoke Pickles] at P2 can be quite helpful.

Great Synergies

As mentioned earlier Pickles work great with AP greedy teammates. Examples include:

A Knight
A Knight

Also, any DPS can be paired with Pickles - from high rarities like Eternity, Melania, and Centurion to more budget-friendly low-rarity DPS options like Pavia, Eagle, or Mondlicht. He supports all damage types and provides excellent overall support for damage.


Due to Pickles’ universal damage buff and AP generous nature, it’s no exaggeration when I say he fits in most teams. Simply pair him up with a damage dealer and a healer/sustain, and you’re good to go. We already have some example teams listed in our team building page.

Damage Dealer
  • Due to Pickles’ universal +DMG Dealt buff on “Thus Spoke Pickles” he slots into a lot of different team comps. His extremely AP-generous playstyle and swift Moxie generation allows him to both keep up with Carries that cycle their Ultimates quickly and those that want AP-generous teammates. Besides, his own damage output isn’t too bad, as he gains increased damage or Penetration Rate while he is in the [Elaboration of Proposition] state.
  • The +DMG Dealt buff from his Ultimate is long-lasting and buffs damage universally, making Pickles usable in both Mental and Reality damage teams. Medicine Pocket is here to provide the +DMG Taken debuff and also their AP-generous playstyle.
  • Medicine Pocket is the defensive anchor for this team, utilizing their high healing output and constant application of [Sturdiness] to keep Pickles and their Carry companion up and fighting. They also provide extra puppies for Pickles to play with, how kind.
  • This is a very versatile team, allowing basically any Carry to spearhead the team while Pickles and Medicine Pocket provide a solid base of offensive and defensive power to back them up, while allowing the Carry to take all the AP they need.
Damage Dealer