Importance of colors

In Tower of God: New World each character has a Color assigned to them, either Blue, Red, Green, Yellow or Purple. And like in any RPG game, the game uses the Elemental Wheel system to tie the Colors together. But what makes this game stand out is the penalty for ignoring (or the reward for abusing it): if you counter the enemy Color, you will do 100% more damage to them and take 50% reduced damage from them.

Still, while the three base Colors (Blue, Red, Green) always counter each other, you can manipulate the Yellow and Purple ones to negate the penalty. The image below shows the details of the system:


Because of this, Yellow/Purple teams are stronger for progression than Red/Blue/Green. For Yellow/Purple characters you can cancel out the penalty by simply having more characters of that color on your team than enemy does of the opposite color. So if you have 4 Yellow and enemy has 3 Purple, they won't deal additional damage to you, but you will still deal 100% more damage to them.

Still, keep in mind that eventually you will want to build teams of each color - the Boss-slaying content in the game is pretty important and they also have Colors, so using characters that counter them will drastically increase the damage you do (and by that, the rewards you can obtain). But in the first few weeks, you mainly want to progress through the Floors of the main adventure and unlock all the features available in the game and for that, Yellow/Purple teams are best.

Choosing characters

Now that we have the theory out of the way, let's talk about which characters from the Yellow/Purple factions stand out and will help you progress through the story faster.

Yellow faction

First let's go over Yellow characters:

Purple faction