About the game

Tower of God New World is a mobile game published by Netmarble. It is a faithful reaction of the original webtoon, full of action-packed combat - Relive exhilarating scenes from the webtoon. Experience Bam and his friends' thrilling battles in 3D!

While the game belongs to the popular idle gacha game genre, it introduces several systems that make it stand out - one of them is the Shinsu link which allows you to level up your account, instead of leveling the characters one by one. This allows you to quickly adapt to the opponents you face, without the need to reset who you're using!

The game will launch on the 26th of July worldwide, but if you live in Phillipines you can already try out the game (but only on Android).

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If you want to check how the game looks in action, below video shows the early game (no commentary, so you can focus on what you see):


We are still progressing through the game, testing it out, but below you can find the information we already managed to find.

  • there are around 70 characters available on release (15 R, 15 SR, 37 SSR, and 6 SSR+ - though why they didn't name them UR I don't know),
  • each character has a Color (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple), Class (Support, Tank, Assassin, Warrior, Mage, Ranged), and Position (Fisherman, Wave Controller etc - so the roles from the webtoon),
  • each character has a Unique Weapon that gives them additional stats/passives - you unlock the weapon for free after reaching a certain level of Proficiency (which increases by simply using the character),
  • you don't level characters, but your account using a system called Shinsu Link - you level 5 'spots' and this translates to your team. Whoever you place in those spots will get automatically leveled to the value. So it's basically Sync system from other idle games, but enabled from level 1. And everything happens automatically - you don't need to reset characters or stuff. Whoever you place in your team will get leveled up,
  • lower rarity units are actually worth using and can compete with SSR ones,
  • you get Gems for both increasing Proficiency (so using a character in combat) and for Rapport (gifting them stuff) - maxing 1 character in both will give you 2000 Gems (you need 3000 for a 10x pull). No matter the rarity of the character, you can get the 2000 Gems.
  • combat is built around the classic elemental system (classic Red > Green > Blue triangle, while Yellow and Purple counter each other),
  • the elemental system is pretty important as you deal 100% more damage and take 50% reduced damage when fighting against a Color opposite to yours,
  • characters use their sub-skills themselves (based on internal cooldown), but you can use their Ultimate attacks when you want (but you can't pick the target manually),
  • you build teams consisting of 5 characters.
  • the rate to get an SSR character is 4.7%
  • there's a Wishlist system that allows you to pick 5 SSR characters and you have a higher chance of pulling them. All Colors are available here, including Yellow and Purple (so it seems they aren't treated like typical Light/Dark from other games),
  • after doing 100 pulls you can pick ANY SSR character you want and the game shows you the % of other players picking the characters,
  • after doing 200 pulls you will get a random SSR+ character, but if you're not happy with who you've got you can reroll who you got, but only once - and you can't go back to the previous one,
  • for pulling dupes (of any rarity) you're getting some kind of generic Purple Orb. The higher rarity of the character, the more Orbs (R=1, SR=10, SSR=50, SSR+=200),
  • dupes allow you to increase the skill levels of the characters and every 3 dupes you get an additional bonus. In total you need 15 dupes to max the skills of a character.
Other information
  • the game is an idle game which means there's no Stamina and your progress is limited by the ability to finish the current stage. Once you get stuck, you simply wait to get resources and upgrade your characters to get stronger,
  • the game follows the story of Tower of God, but the developers worked with the author of the webcomic (SIU) to create side-stories that expand the universe,
  • on top of Adventure Mode which tracks your progress, there are additional modes available: Conquest Battle (lab-like mode, but you can auto clear it), Trial Arena (typical tower climber), Battle Room (bosses to kill that drop loot), Arena (PVP),
  • A guild system is also available and there's already content for guilds,
  • The game is server-based, but there's just 1 server available atm. Still, pretty sure that once it fills, they will open another,
  • Guilds and friends are cross server and only the leaderboard and PVP grouping are server-based.


For more information check this great video from Volkin: