The teams available in the guide are the current meta teams (so the most commonly used teams or the strongest teams). We will update this guide whenever a new character is released that changes the meta or forces some changes in the current teams. The last update to this guide happened on 20.11.2023.

Huge thanks to Orogrim (Ilene) for the help with creating this guide.

Story meta teams

While initially, to progress though the Tower (so main story), you will only need a single team, this will change rather quickly. Chapter 16 is the moment where you will need 2 teams, Chapter 21 where you will need 3 teams and Chapter 31 where you will need 4 teams to tackle the Elite Stages. Below you will find the 4 most popular teams used by the players who reached Chapter 30+ - you can safely use them in the earlier chapters or slowly build your teams to match them.

Team #1 (Yellow)

In the flex spot you can use:

  • [Deadly Martial Arts] Shibisu for more damage,
  • [Data] Khun Edahn to snipe backline,
  • [Forever Prepping] Wangnan Ja for more damage.
Team #2 (Green/Red)

In the flex spots you can use:

  • [Destined Path] Hwaryun for shields and debuffs,
  • [Musician] Yellowy for passive damage boost,
  • [Child] Endorsi for more damage,
  • [South Wind] Chungchung or [Proud Waves] Lozeal for more healing.
Team #3 (Purple)
Stall tank
[Steel Armored] Karaka