Wishlist tips


The Wishlist system in Tower of God: New World allows you to pick 5 SSR characters and you have a higher chance of pulling them. All Colors are available here, including Yellow and Purple (they aren't treated like typical Light/Dark from other games).

Here's how your choice will affect your pulls:

  • The character you place in the first spot from the left will get the biggest boost and the chance to pull them will be increased to 1.8%,
  • The 4 other slots will boost the rates of characters placed there to 0.45% each (so 1.8% total),
  • The remaining percentage (1.1%) will be split between the SSR not on the Wishlist and the SSR+ characters.

This means that picking the right characters to be added to your Wishlist is very important.

Initial Wishlist

For the initial wishlist we suggest filling it with your main damage dealer and all the strong supports. Supports are very flexible and each excels at something else - so you're basically giving yourself more choices. Also, getting a single copy of each support is enough and once you pull them, you will switch them out for DPS/Tanks (or you can also keep some Supports there that scale really well).

Here are the two characters you should consider for your leftmost spot (those are the two best damage dealers in the game currently):

Due to self-healing build into his kit, Hatz can also work as off-tank when you use him as carry and his damage is simply stupid, but if you will get unlucky with dupes, he may die too fast. As for Yihwa, she's ranged and her special move hits the whole battlefield, so as long as you can keep her safe and alive till then, you will easily pass the stage - we suggest using a Stall Tank like Data Mascheny or Data Zahard paired with her to buy her the precious seconds.

And here are great supports you can place in the other slots:

Other tips

To get some ideas about teams to run or who else to place on your Wishlist, check this guide: