Tier List

Last updated: 06.12.2023

The tier list rates characters based on their Story, Bossing and PVP performance. Also, please compare characters within their Color. ToG: New World is a very team-building focused game and if you create a team made out of random Colored characters but with higher rarity it may perform worse than a mono or duo Colored team. Use the switcher to change to the tier list you're interested in - the Story one is the one you will see by default.


  • SSR characters are rated at Rainbow tier (+21) with their Exclusive Equipment upgraded to +30,
  • SSR+ characters are rated at Blue tier (+6) with their Exclusive Equipment upgraded to +30.

  • Added Rachel, Shane and Yeonhee to the tier list,
  • Rachel is a boss killer who can also be used in the story, but compared to other SSR+ she can't keep herself alive - mainly due to lack of i-frames. Which means that on a stage where enemies attack the backline, she will struggle a lot,
  • Shane is a weaker Hatz/Hoaquin. Her damage output is pretty great, but she can't keep herself alive under big deficits - the passive can't save her if she's instantly one shot. Still, in PVP she has a few uses and you can also use her on Bosses if you lack other Green dps options,
  • Yeonhee is a probably the strongest and most future-proof character that came with the collab. Her revive and immortality allows her to tank at the start of the battle for a few crucial seconds and her CC helps with further keeping the team safe,
  • Karaka (S>SS in Story). Because of the buff and the introduction of Ignite Weapons, Karaka is much stronger and can rival DZahard and DMasch when it comes to being a stall tank,
  • Viole (B>S in Story | B>SS in PVP). The buffs he received helped him a lot but still in the Red Faction he's inferior to Evankhell when it comes to Story, but depending on the team they're roughly equal in PVP now,
  • Laure (B>A in Story). The buff made him more consistent and easier to use as the main carry in Green team,

We are still testing the Ignite Weapons and the other characters that received the buffs and the tier list will be updated soon!

  • The tier list has been fully reworked and split into 3 categories, so we're clearing the changelog and will be creating it from scratch moving forward.

Tier List (Story)

You're currently viewing the Story tier list. It shows how a character performs in Story - during progression from the early chapters till the later ones (up to 4 team content).