The teams featured in the guide were tested by us and we were able to safely farm Stage 15 on auto with them, but they can be used for any lower stages too and only gear is stopping you from progressing. Basically, you farm the highest stage you can at the moment, gear your team with what drops and then move higher.

The placement of the team members matters - try to place your Defenders/Healers (so tankier characters) on the edges, because somehow those positions are attacked more often.

Red Dungeon

We suggest to focus on the Red Dungeon first as it's the easiest dungeon to create a team for (especially if you follow our reroll guide) and it also drops 3 highly universal advanced sets that can be used on everyone - ATK, DEF and Speed.

Main team
Charmy Pappitson
Lotus Whomalt
Solid Silva
Sol Marron

Here's how you can make the team better:

  • Charmy can be replaced by William to make the runs smoother and faster, BUT this won't work when you're starting - you really need the heals from Charmy, so we suggest sticking with her in the early game and only switching to William once you farm some LR gear to make the runs faster,
  • Gauche can be used instead of Solid Silva - it depends who you pull and how many dupes you will get. If you're looking for an upgrade, then Blue Yami is the first one, followed by Fana - she's the best choice for the team, but she's not available on release,
  • Sol can be replaced by Mars - this is a straight upgrade that will make your runs faster and safer,
William Vangeance
Yami [Clover Academy]
Skill setup

Make sure that Charmy only uses her Skill 2 - you want her to constantly heal the tank and not waste turns on her Special Move or Combined Attack. The rest of the characters can use default skill setup.

Blue Dungeon

HP and Crit Rate sets can be farmed in this dungeon. While the HP set is inferior to DEF with the way the Damage Formula works in this game, the Crit Rate one is useful on your Attackers.

Main team
Rades Spirito
Rill Boismortier
Mimosa [Clover Academy]

If you don't have all of them, here are some alternatives:

  • Licht can be replaced by Fuegoleon Vermillion or Yuno,
  • Mimosa (Seasonal) can be replaced by Vanessa.
Fuegoleon Vermillion
Vanessa Enoteca
Skill setup

Coming soon!

Green Dungeon

PEN and Crit DMG sets can be farmed in this dungeon. While PEN set is a bit of a niche, the CRIT DMG one is an important one for your Attackers (in PVE).

Main team
Yami Sukehiro
Charlotte Roselei
Mimosa Vermillion

If you don't have all of them, here are some alternatives:

  • Mimosa can be replaced by Theresa.
Skill setup

Coming soon!

Alternative team