Rerolling Black Clover Mobile is quite easy as the game has an in-built reroll banner that gives you twenty 10-pulls and you can pick one - each 10-pull will always give you 1 SSR character, but you also have a chance to get 1 or more SSR Skill Pages.

This guide will explain you the whole reroll process and gives you tips who you should go for!

Reroll options

Before we start the reroll, you have to decide how you want do it and you have 2 options:

Reroll on your phone

Black Clover Mobile has an in-built account reset feature, you can safely reroll on your phone and if you don't get what you want, simply reset the account and start again.

This will be the only option for you if you're playing on an iOS device.

Reroll on an emulator

This option is better for those who have a decent PC and can handle multiple instances at once. Since the game is turn-based and reaching the place where you can reroll takes roughly 10 minutes, it's easy to synchronize your instances and not lose your mind while you're doing it.

Important! If you decide to reroll using the multi-instance route, make sure to first create what we're calling a Master Instance. Here are the steps:

  1. Create a fresh emulator instance and install Black Clover Mobile on it - this will be your Master Instance and you will never launch the game on it,
    • You can either login to your Google Account and install the game from the Store directly or install QooApp first and then the game (in case the game won't be available in your region),
  2. Clone the instance (how many times it depends how good your PC is),
  3. Open each cloned instance - you will have to download a ~1GB in-game patch on each though, so keep that in mind.
  4. Now you're ready to follow the rest of the process!

Reroll process

As we mentioned earlier, it takes roughly 10 minutes to unlock the summoning feature in Black Clover Mobile. This section will take you through the steps you need to do to reach it.

Once you launch the game, you will be greeted by this screen and all you have to do is use the 'pad' in the bottom left corner of the screen to move toward the yellow marker.


Soon after you will unlock the Quest Tracker feature that makes progression and the reroll process a lot easier - you simply need to tap it and your character will auto-run to the spot where the quest requires him to go.


Also, the majority of the cutscenes in the game can be skipped. While the Skip button initially won't be visible, just tap the screen a few times and it will appear in the top right corner.


The next few minutes you will spend on clicking on the Quest Tracker and running around the map from checkpoint to checkpoint, skipping dialogue with various NPCs.


Finally you will reach your first battle and there just do what the tutorial wants from you. Yes, you will lose the battle no matter what you do, but then the protagonist power will kick in and your main character will awaken.

The cutscene here can't be skipped fully and you need press the arrows that appear on the right side of the screen to 'speed' it up. Now it's time for rematch and you will mop the floor with the creepy guy (followed by another unskippable cutscene).

Now the game will explain what Skill Pages are and you will equip one on the main character - the Skill Page (Breath of Darkness) is actually one of the better Skill Pages in the game, so never delete it.

And also the second character will join your team at this point - Yuno:


The next step will take you to the world map, but you just need to press the Quest Tracker and you will fight your first proper fight (but first the game will show you how to form a team). The fight will explain how the skills work - especially the Combined Attack.

After the battle, you will go back to Town and after picking a few things (don't worry, just keep clicking on the Quest Tracker), you will unlock the summoning feature!

As a part of the tutorial, the game will force you do a 10-pull on the Reroll Banner, but once you do you can safely retreat from the screen and come back here later - just press the button on the bottom left side of the screen.


Congrats! Now you're truly free!

The first thing you will do with your freedom is opening the Mail at the top of the screen and gathering the pre-registration rewards:


That's how the rewards looked in the KR/JPN version of the game - 35 pulls exactly (30 tickets and 5 pulls from the premium currency).

Available banners

Here are the banners available to you (based on KR/JPN version):

Seasonal banner

On this banner you can get the 3 seasonal characters:

Asta [Clover Academy]
Mimosa [Clover Academy]
Yami [Clover Academy]

All of them are really strong in various areas of the game and specialize in different things:

  • Asta - a single-target focused DPS who is great both in PVE and PVP. He can buff himself and gain an extra turn when attacking targets who are above 80% HP,
  • Mimosa - a Healer great both in PVE and PVP. Currently she's the best Healer in the game, but keep in mind there's only a few of them in the game at the moment. Though she has the ability to resurrect fallen allies, so there's a high chance she will be relevant for a long time,
  • Yami (Blue) - a hybrid DPS who is top tier in PVP, but a bit weaker in PVE. While his damage is pretty decent, the debuffs he brings make him a nightmare in PVP.
Yami (Red) banner

Yami (Red) is currently the best DPS character in the game who excels at both PVP and PVE, but keep in mind that since he has his own banner, you are guaranteed to get him in 200 pulls.

Fuegoleon Vermillion banner

Fuegoleon Vermillion is a DPS character who focuses on the Burn status. He's one of the few Green attackers in the game which makes him a nice to have character, but he's a bit average performance wise.

What banner to pull on?

Since all three seasonal characters are really strong, we suggest to use the 35 pulls on their banner and aim to get 2 of the characters within those pulls. You don't need all 3 because you will be able to obtain 1 of them from the Gates of Destiny feature (and you can pick any of the three).

If you manage to get the 2 seasonal characters and still have some tickets left, use them on the Yami (Red) banner. Basically, you will pull on that banner till you get him as he's that good - you really don't want to skip him, even if you will need to reach the pity on his banner.

Reroll banner priority

Now that you're satisfied with your ticket pulls, it's time to go back to the Reroll banner! Keep in mind that Yami (Red), Fuegoleon and the three seasonal characters aren't available on the banner. Here's the priority of the characters that you want to get from there: