When the Rearmament System was first released in the KR region, it caused a massive backlash as the cost of rearming one employee was way too high, and even whales were complaining about it. As a result, the system was redesigned and is now pretty decent cost-wise.

Here's the overview of the Rearm system:

  • Employees need to be limit broken to level 110 before they can be rearmed
  • After starting the rearm process, the base version of the employee is replaced with the rearmed version at level 1 (Loyalty Level, Lifetime Contract, and current Skill Levels are kept).
  • Rarity of the Rearmed employee is increased by one (max SSR).
  • Rearmed employees get new art and skills, but their class and cost can also change.
  • The maximum level of skills is increased from 5 to 10.
  • Rearmed employees gain Leader skills. Leader skills are activated when the employee is used as the Leader in their squad.
  • Rearmed employees can equip the skins and Exclusive Equipment of their base version.
  • Rearmed employees are treated as base employees for various mission clear conditions.

How to Rearm someone?


To rearm an employee, simply go to your HQ. You will find the option to do it in the lab. There, you will be greeted with the list of available Rearms (look at the image above). Once you select an employee to rearm, you will have to pay the 'fee' to actually do it.

Here’s a table showing the resources needed to rearm an employee depending on their base rarity:

RarityCreditsRearm DataSpecial Rearm DataCoresSpecial Cores
R2 500 00035-14030
SR3 500 00050-20045
SSR5 000 000-8027060

After you rearm someone, they will be at level 1 again, but you will not have to limit break or limit fusion them to get them back to level 110. You simply have to feed them EXP. Here’s the amount of EXP needed:

  • N Rarity - 1 275 841
  • R Rarity - 1 467 217
  • SR Rarity - 1 722 385
  • SSR Rarity - 3 253 395

As for their new rearm skills, they will cost red skill books. No unit data is needed.

Data Transmission


Data Transmission is a new system that allows you to consume not needed SR and SSR rarity employees and obtain Rearmament Data.

You can only transmit employees who are SR rarity or above. You will receive normal Rearmament Data when transmitting SR employees and Special Rearmament Data when transmitting SSR employees.

The amount of Rearmament Data also varies based on how you obtained the employee. SSR employees from gacha give 20 Special Rearmament Data while SSR employees from elsewhere give only 2 Special Rearmament Data; SR employees from gacha give 2 normal Rearmament Data while SR employees from elsewhere give only 1 normal Rearmament Data.

Available Rearms

Best Mascot Irie
Purple Haze Laura
Special Agent Eujin
Expert Mercenary Yoo Mina
Best Streamer Miya
Dark Seven Sylvia
Special Forces Han Sorim
Star Maiden Esterosa
Blue Blood Elizabeth
Abyssal Ravage Orca
Investigator Kang
Xiao Lin
Kestrel Xiao Lin
Nest Keeper Xiao Lin
Kestrel Xiao Lin and Nest Keeper Xiao Lin
Triana Titan
Breakbeat Alex
Outlander Rivet
Hidden Challenger Chulsoo
Full Bloom Moon Chinatsu
Volume up Gaeun NEW!

Upcoming Rearms

Edith Twins will be the next rearm released somewhere in March 2023.