MVP employees

If you have Awakened Yuna or Awakened Seo Yoon simply adding them to your team will help you a lot.

Similar to Floor 4, enemies' Special skills can wipe your team, having hit absorbers is necessary - both Kyle's walls and Edel's summons fill that role really well.

Shin Jia fulfills three roles here - buffer, hit absorber and CC bot.

You need a good tank that can also support the team in some way. Lee Yumi is the better choice though as she can resist being knocked back constantly.

Their silence will be really useful here, but Choi Jihoon isn't available in the Global server yet.

You want to end the battles as fast as possible and the best damage dealer in the game will help you with that. She's especially great here because all enemies are Strikers.

New Ohio's silence makes clearing this floor a lot easier.


Shadow Enemy

Evil Hilde on top of her normal buffs will also provide allies with debuff resistance.

Shadow Enemy

Evil Na Yubin's kit is pretty similar to his normal version, only made stronger.

Shadow Enemy

Evil LSY's kit is pretty similar to her normal version, only made stronger.


Similar to the characters, they didn't change the ship's skills, only made them more annoying.


  • Room 1 - Strikers are banned
  • Room 2 - Snipers are banned
  • Room 3 - Supporters are banned
  • Room 4 - Max 25 deployment cost
  • Room 5 - Max 25 deployment cost and Awakened units are banned


This floor can be cleared with multiple teams and you don't have to follow the guide 100%. Adding A. Yuna or A. Seo Yoon to your team will make it a lot easier.

Room 1

You're going to fight Evil Hilde here and the fight is pretty straightforward - just tank her and let Xiao Lin do the job.

Example team (order matters):

Xiao Lin
Lee Yumi
Yang Harim

Administration Rifleman
Shin Jia
Eddie Fisher
Seo Yoon