Generic tips

  • Compared to other modes, once you attack a room, you can't restart the fight by pausing and leaving. Doing so, will cost you one of the three Hearts that you receive after using the Ticket to enter a floor.
  • Before you enter a stage, read the restrictions carefully and also check the enemies you will fight there. Some rooms can easily wipe your whole team if you make a mistake.
  • All enemies you will fight in Shadow Palace are considered as C.O.
  • If a floor has a boss, in reality it isn't marked as a boss type, so skills that normally don't work on them, will work here. The Ship is categorized as a boss though.

Non-Awakened Employee Recommendations

SSR rarity employees will form the backbone of your team. Here's a list of most universal employees that work really well in Shadow Palace thanks to their kits.

Edel Meitner

Her summonlings can help you redirect/absorb massive amounts of damage from enemy skills.

Yang Harim

She provides barriers, skill haste and ATK buffs, heals, and enemy ATK and ASPD debuffs. Just a great utility unit overall.

Evelyn Keller

One of the best healers in the game, who also reduces damage taken by allies in her special’s AOE and buffs their ATK on her ult.

Nanahara Chifuyu

One of the best 3 cost strikers for PVE in the game. Tanky, with good utility and damage. Great pick for multiple rooms.


A strong AOE dps who has CC and debuffs. Just like Chifuyu, she is a great pick for many rooms.

Kyle Wong

His walls can redirect/absorb damage while also stunning enemies, which can interrupt their skills if timed correctly. His ult also has good CC.

Serapel and Lee Yumi

Good defender choices in general.

Rosaria le Friede
Rita Arsenico

Rosaria le Friede, Lyudmila and Rita

Air units can avoid skills and attacks from certain enemies, which can be invaluable. Lyudmila also provides very strong CC on both her skill and ult.

Xiao Lin

Just an extremely strong dps, especially against strikers, with a massive burst of damage on her ult.

2-Cost Employee Recommendations

If your teams are looking a bit too high on cost, consider these cheap but great units.

Administrator Rifleman and Shieldman

Both of these units shine in Shadow Palace - one brings tons of damage, while the other can tank and absorb valid hits.

Eddie Fisher

Great buffer for both Soldiers and Counters.

Assault Trooper

Both great damage dealer and paratrooper that can attack the backline.

Cindy Looper

She can act as a tank in stages where defenders are banned

Eins & Zwei

Tanky unit with large amounts of CC on ult.


The best 2 cost defender available. She has good stats, while also being able to skill seal enemies. This can be invaluable for stages with enemies who have strong skills.

Awakened Employee Recommendations

Awakened Yuna Springfield

A tank/damage dealer hybrid that can deal millions of damage with her passive alone. Often it’s enough to deploy her first and just support her with other characters to pass a stage.


Brings lots of debuffs and large amounts of AOE damage. If her hp drops to 60% or below, she also backsteps and summons an unhealable Spira, which can buy time for your team.

Awakened Seo Yoon

A Ranger/Sniper hybrid summoner and damage dealer that also can keep herself alive by jumping to the backline once her health drops. Her heal-block is also useful in one of the floors.

Awakened Hilde

Deploy her first and let her tank everything while your damage dealers deal with the floor. Since there are no stars here, you just need to beat the stage before the 3 minutes timer reaches zero. Still, both Yuna and Seo Yoon are better choices, especially for cost-restricted rooms, so use them over Hilde if you have them.

Awakened Jake

A better tank than Awakened Hilde in every way. Hp% drain and ATK debuffs within his stasis field; CC, skill seal and ASPD debuffs on his ult; more constant self shielding than Awakened Hilde

Replacer Queen

Provides large amounts of AOE damage while also skill sealing enemies periodically.

Awakened Lee Sooyeon

Self shielding and CC on skill, massive AOE damage and knockback on ult, and buffs for ally non-awakened ranger counters

Final notes

This is not an exhaustive list. There are many other employees you can use!