Eversoul provides a lot of free resources to F2P players every month and we calculated every source of them to provide you with a list of tickets, Everstone and other items you can earn every month.

Important! This list doesn't include events like the New Year or Valentines - those big events will be ran once per month and give more free stuff on top of what you will find in the list below. Also, for Hall of Memories we assumed 125k CP as the difficulty you're clearing - so stronger players will get even more resources.


While you can check the detailed calculation below, here's the summary:

  • ~92 Summon Tickets per month,
  • ~8 Type Summons per month,
  • ~36 Artifact Summons per month,
  • ~240 Friendship Summons per month,
  • ~11440 Everstones per month (which translates to additional 54 pulls).

Summon Tickets

Summon TicketsEarnFreqWeeklyFreq MMonthly
Free Daily1.007.007.0030.0030.00
Weekly Login1.
Hall of Memories (125k)
Total Income22.0092.00

Type Summon

Type SummonEarnFreqWeeklyFreq MMonthly
Weekly Login1.
Hall of Memories (125k)
Total Income2.008.00

Artifact Summons

Artifact SummonEarnFreqWeeklyFreq MMonthly
Weekly Login1.
Hall of Memories (125k)
Total Income9.0036.00

Friendship Points

Friendship PointsEarnFreqWeeklyFreq MMonthly
Receiving Hearts20.007.00140.0030.00600.00
Expedition Done30.007.00210.0030.00900.00
Expedition Rec30.007.00210.0030.00900.00
Total Income560.002,400.00

Rare shards

Rare ShardEarnFreqWeeklyFreq MMonthly
Weekly Pack30.001.0030.004.00120.00
Monthly Pack60.000.2515.001.0060.00
Labyrinth Stage 2 (Elite)30.003.50105.0015.00450.00
Total Income245.001,020.00
Rare Characters4.0817.00

Epic shards

Epic ShardEarnFreqWeeklyFreq MMonthly
Daily Pack2.007.0014.0030.0060.00
Monthly Pack10.000.252.501.0010.00
Labyrinth Stage 1 (Normal)5.003.5017.5015.0075.00
Labyrinth Stage 3 (Hero)5.003.5017.5015.0075.00
Total Income61.50260.00
Epic Characters1.034.33


EverstonesEarnFreqWeeklyFreq MMonthly
Daily Pack20.007.00140.0030.00600.00
Weekly Login300.001.00300.004.001,200.00
Arena (Rank 1001~2000)60.001.0060.004.00240.00
Hall of Memories (125k)700.001.00700.004.002,800.00
Labyrinth Stage 1 (Normal)30.003.50105.0015.00450.00
Labyrinth Stage 2 (Elite)50.003.50175.0015.00750.00
Labyrinth Stage 3 (Hero)100.003.50350.0015.001,500.00
Total Income2,780.0011,440.00

Arena Coins

Daily Match Victory Assumption - 6 Wins (5 Free + 1 Ticket from Dailies). Income can increase by 15-30k a month if ranked high (sub 500). This means you can obtain 0.3-0.4 Ayame/month.

Arena CoinsEarnFreqWeeklyFreq MMonthly
Daily (Rank 1001~2000)1,000.007.007,000.0030.0030,000.00
Daily Match Victory (Avg)185.0042.007,770.00180.0033,300.00
Total Income14,770.0063,300.00

Labyrinth Coins

Tiles Assumption Breakdown [13*120 (Chests+Big Monsters) + 7*60 (Small Monsters) + 1*330 (Mimic) + 6 Utility Tiles). This means you can obtain 0.75 Adrianne/month.

Labyrinth CoinsEarnFreqWeeklyFreq MMonthly
Boss x3720.003.502,520.0015.0010,800.00
Tiles (Chests, Monsters)2,310.003.508,085.0015.0034,650.00
Total Income10,605.0045,450.00