Limbus Company

Limbus Company is an Turn-Based Strategy RPG Gacha Game developed and published by South Korean independent video game studio Project Moon, serving as a sequel to Library of Ruina.

The game follows the story of the aforementioned Limbus Company, a Fixer Office composed of twelve Fixers known as "Sinners" who are tasked with exploring ruined branches of the now-destroyed Lobotomy Corporation to recover the Golden Boughs - the essence of the corporation’s energy production technology - as well as any Enkephalin, E.G.O. and other valuables still on the site, coming into conflict with City denizens and escaped Abnormalities in the process. In order to do so, the Sinners have the ability to take different "Identities", where they assume the form of other versions of themselves from alternate realities.

Project Moon

Limbus Company is a third game made by the Korean studio Project Moon.

Their first game, founded by kickstarter, Lobotomy Corporation, was released on 9th April, 2018. It is a management simulator where players take care of a facility producing energy by managing entities known as Abnormalities.

Lobotomy Corporation was followed by Library of Ruina, turn-based deck building rpg released on 10th August 2021 after months of early access period.

Limbus Company is NOT a direct sequel to PM’s previous games, however it takes place in the same universe. There, humanity exhausted all of earth’s natural resources but found out an alternative called “Singularities” that advanced technology so far, teleportation and other sci-fi tech were not a mere fantasy.

Action takes place in “The City”, a megacity divided into 26 districts, which shelters remaining earth’s humanity. Outside of The City, is a barren wasteland occupied by cannibals, monsters and remnants of what was abandoned.

Each district is managed by a different Corporation whose purpose is to produce energy and resources to run the city. Everything is ruled by an entity known as “The Head”.

Lobotomy Corporation takes place right after the event known as Smoke Wars, conflict between Wings. The old L Corp would always produce endless amounts of acidic fog and almost always refuse to share their energy or charge high prices for it. This smog would end up choking the city, hence the namesake of the conflict. Eventually, the war ended with the collapse of the old L Corp and the rise of Lobotomy Corporation to a Wing.

Library of Ruina is a sequel to Lobotomy Corporation and continues shortly after the events of Lobotomy Corporation ended.

Limbus Company takes place at least 6 months after the events of Library of Ruina, if we go by webcomic / light novel “Leviathan” published by Project Moon, that focuses on the character of Vergilius, guide and advisor in the Limbus Company and how he ended up in such position.

Official description


As the Executive Manager of Limbus Company, lead your group of twelve Sinners, venture into the buried facilities of Lobotomy Corporation, and lay claim on the Golden Boughs.

A Combination of Turn-based RPG and Realtime Brawl

Each turn results in a display of exhilarating action. In the combat phase, units on both sides will act simultaneously. During the scramble, characters targeting each other may Clash. The outcome of a Clash depends on the strength of their opposing skills and a sprinkle of luck; the winner can shut down the loser's skill. Ensure you use the right skills to win Clashes.

Single-handed Skirmishing

Connect skill icons across the grid, and your units will take action according to your commands. Chaining skills of the same color allows you to deal greater damage. Using simple and practical controls, watch as the Sinners dance to your tempo.

Create Diverse Strategies with Identities and E.G.O

Form teams of Identities and equip them with an arsenal of E.G.O that will create powerful synergies. Your foes come armed with a variety of Affinity-based attacks and tricky effects. In particular, Abnormalities are formidable foes that may prove to be considerable challenges. Learn their behavior and weaknesses, and compose the right team to eventually conquer them.

Immerse Yourself in the World of Project Moon

From the creators of Lobotomy Corporation and Library of Ruina, another tale set in the same, unique world unfolds. In this massive dystopian metropolis, you will embark on a journey to find Golden Boughs with a cast of 12 Sinners. Enjoy the gripping story and the series of events that await. All dialogue in the main story comes fully voiced in Korean.

Best of luck, Dear Manager.

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