Beginner tips

Make a team that can use EGO often

When making a team, make sure the Identities you use have slotted, have a lot of skills that can add SIN points quickly. It will ensure you can use EGO as soon as possible and all of them can be a big swing in battle due to their sheer power or utility. Having Sinners with Identities that support different EGO will slow down your in battle progression and can lead to defeat as EGO most often will guarantee a win in clash and free damage, buffs or debuffs.

Focus on upgrading IDs 1 by 1

Focus on Uptying / Upgrading Identities 1 by 1. All Identities receive new passive, skills boosts and new skills on Tier 2 and Tier 3 upgrades. Some Identities require even Tier 3 to unlock their biggest power boost. Overall, levelling evenly is fine but upgrades should be done 1 by 1.

Use supports

Adding friends allows you to use their selected Sinners instead of your own. This will help you clear story stages and dungeons as there is no downside of bringing a friend. Especially at the start when roster is small, brining strong Sinner from a friend will make a big difference.

How to use shards

Shards for all the sinners obtained during seasons (link it to the duration of a BP) will not carry over fully to the next season. Only half will while the other half will be converted 1:1 into threads. So if you are sure you won’t reach 400 for an EGO or ID for a particular Sinner, it might be a good decision to convert them all later on to Threads to upgrade current EGO and Identities.

Sanity and coin flips

While clashing, coins are rolled. Head or tails. However, it is not a straight 50/50 situation. Odds are weighted in players favour when Sanity is above 0. More the higher odds of success and vice versa, lower sanity higher odds of losing. Chance approaches exactly 95% chance in favour or disfavour at 45 or -45 sanity. 1 Sanity equals 1% chance increase / decrease. So keep in mind Sinners sanity high when engaging in non-dominant clashes. There are some identities like The One Who Shall Grip Sinclair and Sunshower Heathcliff who prefer being negative sanity due to their kits but those are exceptions.

Defensive skills

It is important to know when to use defensive skills, not for defence, but to make sure that skill, that has no odds of winning or odds are slim, is not clashing. Simply clicking the icon of a Sinner or their speed slot directly next to it, generates Sinner related defensive skill. When a clash is hopeless, sometimes defending is a safer option that can help mitigate some damage and keep on the offensive next turn.

Level up constantly

Levelling up not only increases HP it also raises offensive and defensive values. When it comes to offensive value, every 5 points of difference between you and the enemy, the power of the skill will increase by one. So Sinner with a skill of base power of 5 with offensive value of 25 against enemy skill with power of 5 too but offensive value 20, Sinner’s skill will be boosted by 1 power.

So if the enemy is winning more than they should, it is probably because your Sinner is underleveled. Additionally, DEF reduces damage based on the difference between it and the attacker's Offensive values. So even if you win a clash but the enemy has high Def, you won’t do as much damage. Hence sometimes you will see red numbers on top of the skills during clash.

Pay attention to resistance

Resistance plays a big part in the game. If you hit an enemy with the type of attacks they are weak to they will take a lot more damage compared to other attacks, Potentially even staggering them which makes them unable to react to incoming attacks and take a lot more damage from attacks, the same can also be applied to your sinners.

Support Passives

After you clear chapter 2 your base sinner will unlock support passive which will be beneficial when they are not in battle. It is recommended to switch unused sinners to base sinners since they have their support passive unlocked for free, these support passives may not be significant but they are still a nice boost for basically nothing e.g 10% damage boost.

Using EGO not for damage, but to win difficult clashes

Using any E.G.O., doesn’t matter the rarity, to ensure winning a clash is always a better choice than saving E.G.O. for damage. Not many E.G.O. can reach the same amount of damage as certain skills. Winning a clash in some situations will be better than trying to do damage with E.G.O.

Do Mirror Dungeon

Mirror Dungeon unlocks after chapter 2 and it is a primary source of Shards. Clearing Mirror Dungeon awards Battle Pass points. When Battle Pass is cleared, every level after 60 will reward 1 Selector Box with Shards on Free track and additional 2 on Paid Track. So in total 3 Selector Box per BP level. Boxes are rigged to give mostly average results, which is 2 shards per box. So with time, Mirror Dungeon runs will let you grab the ID or EGO you want from the dispenser.


Luxcavation are a daily EXP and Thread farming stages. Whenever you feel like you are stuck, farming them a bit is not a bad idea. However keep in mind that skips, outside of 3 first Thread, are less efficient than just doing them manually as rewards are only 1.5x for the cost of 2 runs.


If you're looking for more beginner tips, check this video!