GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE is mobile third-person shooter RPG that focuses on visuals, a one-handed control scheme, and futuristic story that follows humanity after it was forced underground by invaders. The only thing standing between the annihilation of all humankind and a new beginning is you and your actions in this new adventure that mixes shooter-style gameplay and card collecting in a world that is just waiting to be explored.

Set in a world following the Rapture invasion that set the planet ablaze, threatening the life of every human; GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE follows humanity and the humanoid girls named Nikke that were built to defeat this threat made by Rapture and reclaim the planet. A group of these Nikke wake up in the Ark - mankind’s new home - providing a new hope for the human race that has long since been extinguished.

Official description

GODDESS OF VICTORY: NIKKE is an immersive sci-fi RPG shooter game, where you recruit and command various maidens to form a beautiful anime girl squad that specializes in wielding guns and other unique sci-fi weapons. Command and collect girls that have unique combat specialties to create your ultimate team! Experience next-level shooting action with simple yet intuitive controls while enjoying dynamic battle effects.

Humanity lies in ruins.

The Rapture invasion came without warning. It was both ruthless and overwhelming. The reason: unknown. No room for negotiations. In what seemed like an instant, the earth was turned into a sea of fire. Countless humans were hunted down and slaughtered without mercy. None of mankind's modern technology stood a chance against this colossal invasion. There was nothing that could be done. The humans were laid to waste. Those that managed to survive found one thing that gave them the smallest glimmer of hope: the humanoid weapons. However, once developed, these new weapons were far from the miracle everyone needed. Instead of turning the tide, they only managed to make a minor dent. It was a complete and utter defeat. Humans lost their homeland to the Rapture and were forced to live deep underground.

Decades later, a group of girls awakens in the Ark, mankind's new home. They are the result of the collective technological knowledge pooled together by all the humans driven underground. The girls board an elevator to the surface. It has not been operated for decades. Humanity prays. May the girls be their swords. May they become the blade that enacts revenge for humanity. Born out of mankind's desperation, the girls head to the world above, carrying the hopes and dreams of the human race on their shoulders. They are code-named Nikke, a name derived from the Greek Goddess of Victory, Nike. Mankind's last hope for victory.

Stand-out Characters with Distinctive Personalities

Alluring and extraordinary Nikkes. Watch as character illustrations jump off the page and straight into battle. Play now!

Featuring vivid, high-quality illustrations.

Advanced animation and animated illustration with cutting-edge technology, including the latest physics engine and plot-based auto motion-sensing controls. Witness characters and images, unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Experience The First-hand Unique Tactics

Use a variety of character weapons and Burst Skills to take down the overwhelming invaders. Feel the thrill of a brand-new innovative battle system.

A Sweeping In-Game World and Plot

Play your way through a post-apocalyptic tale with a story that offers both thrills and chills.

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