Burst III

Story (14-18)




Personal information
Full Name
The Heretics
Weapon Name
Combat information
Burst type
Type III
Availability and VA information
Release date
December 28th, 2022
Kim Ha-ru
Kana Hanazawa
Ryan Bartley

A plain and delicate girl who sold out mankind. A member of the Queen's elite squad, the Heretics.

Show maxed skills
Show maxed skills
Normal Attack
Control Mode
Magazine Size
300 ammo
Reload Time
2.3 s

■ Affects target enemy.

Deals 7.71% ATK as damage.

Skill 1
Skill 1 - High-Speed Evolution

■ Activates when normal attack hits. Affects the target(s).

Deals 3.05% of ATK as additional damage.

■ Activates when normal attack hits 200 time(s). Affects self.

Critical Damage ▲ 14.25%, stacks up to 5 time(s) and lasts for 10 sec.

Max Ammunition Capacity ▼ 5.04%, stacks up to 5 time(s) and lasts for 10 sec.

Skill 2
Skill 2 - Giant Leap

■ Affects all allies. Activates when entering Full Burst.

Hit Rate ▲ 8.56% for 15 sec.

■ Affects self. Activates when normal attack hits 200 time(s) during increasing Hit Rate status.

ATK ▲ 29.38% for 10 sec.

Burst Skill - New World
Active 40 seconds

■ Affects all allies.

Full Burst Time ▲ 5 sec.

■ Affects self.

Grants unlimited ammunition for 15 sec.

Destroy Mode:

Extending the line of sight and auto-aim at all enemies within fire range. Stage enemy will be recognized as a single enemy regardless of its interruption parts.

Deals 2.24% of ATK as damage for 15 sec.



Modernia is a Burst III Attacker who uses LMG and she's the first Pilgrim that was added to the game since the launch. The hype surrounding her release was huge and honestly, she didn't disappoint.

She is a monster in the story stages as her Burst skill can hit as many enemies as you can manage to fit in the death circle (and she even hits enemies outside of it). If enemies are clustered together, she can kill the whole wave by herself, but keep in mind that it will take her some time - she's not an instant screen wiper during her Burst like Scarlet or Harran. Still, the way the endgame campaign scaling works - AI throwing tons of enemies at you at the same time - makes Modernia the best character to push the story and she took that spot from Harran. Just keep in mind that in stages, where enemies are spread out, Modernia falls short, but she's still a decent pick there.

Against story bosses, who are accompanied by waves of enemies that appear from time to time, Modernia does really well too as she can instantly wipe the waves and still do great damage to the boss. When it comes to Interception and bosses that fight alone, Modernia's damage begins to fall off - mainly because when she Bursts, she loses the normal attack damage which decreases her DPS. But despite that her damage output is still better than most characters, so while we initially feared she will be bad on bosses, it's not true - and while she can't really surpass Scarlet or Snow White, she sits just below them (but this also depends on the boss, on some Modernia surpasses them). On top of all the damage during boss fights, she brings some nice quality of life there as she can instantly kill the rockets or other destructible elements with her Burst. Just be aware that you can use her in 1-1-3 formation as the 3rd Burst III character, so she won't ever Burst and in that case, her damage output on bosses won't be affected.

Also, here's a nice trick you can abuse - if you use Assault Cube on her that gives a Hit Rate buff it will allow her to gain permanent ATK buff from her S2 once she fires the first 200 shots. Still, when you have someone in your team that can provide the Hit Rate buff, using Bastion or Resilience cube will translate to Modernia doing more DPS over the Assault one.

Well, looks like she's a perfect character, but there are some issues with Modernia that you need to be aware of. First, while the 15-second Full Burst Window is great, it actually can throw your burst rotation off balance. To make things worse, most supporters give buffs that last 5 or 10 seconds and there's no one who can support the 15 seconds window fully. Also in PVP, Modernia is just average and can be easily countered - even her increased energy generation compared to other LMG users won't save her there.

Overall, considering that she is the first Pilgrim banner you will have an easier time MLBing her (if luck is on your side) so she's a great character to pull, especially if you're lacking a good mobbing character (with Harran being the best choice till now for that role, followed by Scarlet). While Scarlet/Harran (and recently SW) are all top-tier Pilgrim damage dealers, without being lucky, MLBing them might take you months if not longer.


Story (1-7)


Story (8-13)


Story (14-18)


Boss (solo)


Boss (adds)



Pros & Cons

  • massive AOE damage output - especially if enemies are clustered as she can hit them all at the same time,

  • decent single-target damage that still allows her to shine against bosses,

  • can provide Hit Rate buff to allies,

  • really good energy generation.


  • longer Full Burst Time can actually harm you since the Burst window is delayed,

  • most supporters give buffs that last 5 or 10 seconds, so they don't last for the whole FBT window and Modernia can't fully make use of them,

  • using her Burst skill against a single enemy often leads to DPS loss,

  • just average in PVP.


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