Character profile

The are various ways to make your characters in Goddess of Victory: NIKKE stronger - including leveling, limit breaking, upgrading skills. But let's not get ahead of ourselves - here's how the profile of an example character looks like:


Let's go over the important bits.

  1. The most important part of the profile - the characters' design,
  2. The Rarity of the character - currently there are three rarities available:
    • R - Rare
    • SR - Super Rare
    • SSR - Super Super Rare
  3. Limit break indicator - it will be explained in its own section later,
  4. Burst type indicator - the actual most important part of the profile that will affect how you build your team,
  5. Status - the stats of the character,
  6. Level upgrade and Limit Break - the first option allows you to increase the level of the character, and the second one allows you increase the level cap (more about it below),
  7. Information about the character, in order from the left:
    • Element,
    • Weapon,
    • Class,
    • Manufacturer.
  8. Equipment/Skills/Cube - you can equip new gear here but also - after changing to other tabs - check (and upgrade) the skills and Cube.

Leveling and limit breaking


To upgrade the level of your characters, you will need to use Credits and Battle Data Sets that are obtained from various places in the game.


Also, every 10 levels, in addition to Credits and Battle Data Sets, you will also require Core Dust - and Core Dust will be your biggest bottleneck, so always buy it from the shop if you see it there.

As the level of your character increases, the more materials you will require.

Limit breaking

At the beginning of the game, no mater the rarity of the character, you won't be able to upgrade someone past level 80.

To increase the limit you will need to get a dupe of the character:


Each dupe increases the maximum limit by 40, up to level 200 for SSR rarity characters. As for R rarity characters, they can't be limit broken at all and SR rarity characters can be limit broken twice (making their level cap 160).

Every time you limit break a character, a new star will appear in the profile.

While we know leveling is possible past level 200, it wasn't possible to reach that level in the CBT, so we can't be sure how exactly it will work.

Core Up

This system becomes available for SSR rarity characters after you max limit break them. Each Core Up level requires a dupe and it gives 2% increase to all stats. Also, from what we know from CBT 2, the maximum Core Up level is 7.

This brings the required amount of dupes to max Core up a character from scratch to 11.

Upgrading skills


You can upgrade your characters skills by using materials farmed from the Simulation room. All skills start at level 1 and the max level is 10.

Important! While you can easily reset your character's level, it doesn't affect their skills and you won't get the materials you used. So only start upgrading skills of characters that you know are good!


Each character has 4 slots for equipment which you can obtain from random drops in stages or by farming them in Interception game mode. Be aware that each Class of character requires different gear.

Equipment comes with various tiers - the higher the tier, the bigger stat bonus. Also, after certain point you will be able to obtain Manufacturer exclusive gear that gives bigger bonuses if you equip on a character from the same Manufacturer.

Also, once you reach tier 3, you can upgrade the equipment by sacrificing other pieces in order to increase the bonuses. Alternatively, you can use Module Boosters to substitute other gear.


Because the game has a system that allows you to easily reset a character and get 100% of the materials used to level her up back, you don't have to be afraid about leveling random characters and testing them out.

During the CBT the cost of a character reset was set to 10 gems (premium currency).