Similar to other gacha games, the Campaign tracks your progress in Goddess of Victory: NIKKE. As you push through the Chapters, you will unlock more and more other modes that will provide you with additional resources which will help you to push further into the Campaign - a neat gameplay loop. Still, this guide will focus on the Campaign itself and if you want to learn more about different modes, check our other guides.

In each Chapter, you will have to navigate through a map with your team and find the boss of the stage - along the way, you will encounter smaller enemies and various materials scattered around the map. The numbers of stages in a Chapter varies, starting from 10-15, but as you progress though them, it increases.

This how a sample Chapter looks like:

Story Map

As you approach a group of enemies a new screen will appear:

Stage info

The view gives you all the essential information that will help you in clearing the stage, including:

  • The element the enemies inside are weak against,
    • You can also check the full list of enemies by pressing the Battlefield Info button,
  • The layout of enemies which translates to what characters you need to bring to deal with them - for example, if there's a lot of Far enemies, you need to have a character armed with a Sniper Rifle, because other weapons will deal reduced damage to them,
  • Recommended power and your current team power - but the further you dwell into Chapters, the often you will have to face enemies with twice or even thrice your power,
  • What rewards you will get for clearing the stage.

Battle Types

Each stage in a Chapter will belong to one of three battle types that affect the behavior of enemies and what goals you have to achieve to pass the stage.

Battle types

Let's talk about each of them.


The majority of stages you belong to this type and it's the simplest one among the three. You will be fighting here against waves of enemies till the main target appears.

If you kill it before the timers runs to 0, you will pass the stage.


In the Defense battle type, enemies will keep moving from left to right side of the screen and you have to stop them. Each time an enemy reaches the goal line, you will lose HP points based on the type of enemy:

  • normal monsters are worth 1 HP,
  • elite monsters are worth 3 HP,
  • boss monsters are worth 5 HP.

You start with 20 HP, so it isn't much and you have to be quick with killing whatever appears on the screen. Thankfully, as long as you have at least 1 HP when the timer hits 0, you will win.

Compared to Destroy, this battle type appears less often in the Campaign.


The Base battle type is a combination of tug of war and capture the base modes from other games.

The timer is set only at 1 minute and you start with 50/50 split in points between you and the enemy. You obtain points by keeping your base clear of enemies, but for each enemy present in the base, they gain points instead and you lose them.

To win the battle, you have to have more points than the enemy once the timer hits zero, but if your points reach 0, you automatically lose. If you manage to obtain 100 points, you will automatically win the battle.

Seems pretty simple, but there are a few important factors:

  • Flying enemies don't give points even if they sit atop the base so you have to focus on ground enemies first,
  • Auto Battle is kinda annoying here as often it focuses on the flying enemies first leaving the ground ones in the base,
  • Shotgun characters are super strong in this mode as not only there is a lot of enemies clustered together, but also they often stay in the short range.

Compared to Destroy, this battle type appears less often in the Campaign.

EX Stages

EX Stages

While progressing through the Chapters, you will rarely encounter EX Stages. They are a special type of stage where your team is leveled up (or down) to level 80 and you have to use all your knowledge about the game mechanics to win.

Still, while your levels and gear are normalized, skills aren't - so you can use that to make this stage a bit easier to clear.

Hard Mode

After you clear a Chapter, the hard mode version of it will unlock. The levels and power of enemies inside will increase, but you will be able to obtain additional rewards for dealing with them.