Interception is a mode where you have to attack a boss and receive rewards based on the damage done. At first only one boss will be available and you will need to progress further in the Campaign to unlock the other ones - which are harder but in return drop better rewards.

You unlock this mode after clearing Stage 3-9 and it's the main source of equipment in NIKKE.



While fighting the boss, the stage meter will slowly fill based on the damage done. There are in total 9 stages per boss and the rewards increase with them (shown on the image above).

You get only 3 challenges per day, so make them count to maximize the amount of rewards.


Currently there are in total 3 bosses available in the Interception mode.

Alteisen MK.VI

If you played the CBT you should be familiar with the boss as it was available in the Coop event. It's the boss that you will fight right after unlocking the mode.


You will unlock this boss after clearing stage 9-15.

Shotgun team shines on this boss as it's really hard to hit all the red circles with non-Shotgun characters.


You will unlock the Special boss after clearing stage 16-28, but compared to the previous two that never change, the boss you fight here changes every day.