Simulation Room

If you played AFK Arena, then the Simulation Room will feel very familiar as it's inspired by the Labyrinth mode in that game. In this mode, you have to navigate through Sectors - split into stages - at the end of which a boss awaits you. If you manage to kill the boss, the next Sector will open. Also, with each cleared stage, the power of enemies increases and to make it easier for you to deal with them, you will be able to collect and combine Buffs.

To unlock this mode, you have to clear Chapter 1 and it's the main source of materials needed to upgrade the skills of your characters.



Before you enter the Simulation Room, you have to pick a difficulty. There are 5 difficulties available in the game, but at the start only the first one will be unlocked - to get access to the rest, you have to progress through the Campaign:

  • Difficulty 2 unlocks after clearing Campaign Stage 5-1,
  • Difficulty 3 unlocks after clearing Campaign Stage 8-6,
  • Difficulty 4 unlocks after clearing Campaign Stage 11-7,
  • Difficulty 5 unlocks after clearing Campaign Stage 14-3.

What's important - even if you're strong enough to clear Difficulty 5, you will automatically receive rewards from the lower ones. However, do keep in mind that starting at a higher difficulty will mean you will have no legacy buffs stored and will have to start with no buffs at the beginning.

To avoid making it tedious, the developers added a Sweep feature. Keep in mind that Sweep is only available in 3 cases:

  • if your team's power is way higher than the recommended power for that stage,
  • If the stage you’re trying to sweep isn’t a hard stage.
  • if the stage you're trying to sweep isn't a boss stage.


Each difficulty is split into 3 Sectors (A, B, C), and each Sector is split into normal and boss stages - the number of stages starts at 5 in Sector A, and increases in B and C.



Before entering a stage, you will have to choose a room - in some, you will have to fight enemies, in others you will heal your characters or revive them if they died earlier. But most often the only choice will be to fight, but even then you will be able to pick between Normal and Hard rooms - as the name suggests, your choice affects the power of enemies you will encounter inside. Though, choosing the Hard room guarantees you a higher rarity buff - if you manage to clear it that is - but make sure your characters are strong enough to tackle it.

List of room types:

  • Battle Room - split into normal and hard,
  • Commanding Ability Test - entering this room is like playing the slot machine. Anything can happen - you might receive a powerful buff or if you're unlucky, you might lose one of the buffs you obtained earlier,
  • ICU - heals all your characters by % of their HP and revises those who died,
  • Reinforcement Room - allows you to upgrade some of your buffs or combine them together to make them much stronger.

The last two rooms always appear in the stage right before the boss one and you can pick only one.



After clearing a room with enemies, you will be able to pick one of 3 buffs as a reward that will make your characters stronger.

Buffs not only have different rarities - which affects their strength - but also some of them can be really specific. For example some buffs are for NIKKEs using a specific weapon or belonging to one of the manufacturers. So make sure to pick buffs that actually help the characters you're using.

Also, the buffs you gathered in Sector A will be active in Sectors B and C - but only within one Difficulty.

After clearing Sector C and finishing a stage, you will be given the choice to store them as a Legacy Buff. This allows you to build a chain combination going into the next stage and have stronger buffs tackling the harder stages.

Buff Chain

A new feature added in the Technical Test are Buff Chains. Here's how they work.

Each buff has a type attached to it - □, △, ○, or ◇. The more buffs belonging to the same type of shapes will level up the buffs accordingly and make them stronger.

The level of the buffs and their strengths are:

  • Lv. 1: Basic level
  • Lv. 2: Have 3 buffs of the same Chain Type
  • Lv. 3: Have 3 buffs of the same Chain Type: (3□ + 3○)
  • Lv. 4: Have 6 buffs of the same Chain Type
  • Lv. 5: Have 8 buffs of the same Chain Type

You can keep track of the buff types you've gathered so far while looking at the top of the screen.