Tribe Towers

Another staple of gacha games - the tower mode. You start at the bottom of the tower and after defeating the enemies occupying floor number one, you can climb to the next floor and rinse and repeat.

To unlock this mode, you have to clear stage 3-3 and you can obtain a lot of resources here, including character shards and dust which you will always have too little (and you use it level up characters).

5 different towers

Tribe Tower

In addition to the Tribe Tower, where you can use any character you like, there are also 4 additional towers - each dedicated to one of the manufacturers available in the game where you can only use characters from that manufacturer. Which is troublesome for the Pilgrim Tower.

Not only the Pilgrim faction is limited to SSR rarity characters, but also on the game's release there's only one Burst I and one Burst II character - and if you don't have them, you will have a lot of issues to progress in that tower since you won't be able to use the skills of Burst III characters.

While the Tribe Tower is open all the time, what manufacturer tower is open changes depending on the day. Furthermore, for the manufacturer towers, you can only pass three floors per day.

  • Monday - all
  • Tuesday - Elysion
  • Wednesday - Missilis and Pilgrim
  • Thursday - Tetra
  • Friday - Elysion
  • Saturday - Missilis
  • Sunday - Tetra


Tribe Tower

Each floor is unique and compared to Simulation room, where only Destroy type battles are present, in the Tower you will also encounter Base, Defense and Boss battle types.

Similar to Campaign, before you enter a floor, you will obtain all the essential information that will help you in beating it.


Passing a floor will give you credits, materials, Core Dust and Manufacturer Molds (only for manufacturer towers). Every 5 and 10 floors, the amount of rewards increases.

Tribe Tower

The Manufacturer Molds are especially interesting. When you gather 50, you will be able to consume them and obtain a full character belonging to that manufacturer. The rarity of the character is up to rng though:

  • SSR - 50%
  • SR - 30%
  • R - 20%