Game modes

Goddess of Victory: NIKKE, despite being an idle game has quite a lot of game modes already available. Majority of them are limited by daily entries, obviously, but still there is a big variety in the modes, so you won't get bored easily.

Story Map

The Campaign is split into Chapters, and each chapter is split into multiple stages. This mode tracks your main progress through the game.

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Simulation Room

A staple in idle games - the labyrinth mode where you have to conquer stages that increase in difficulty till you find the boss and kill it. To make it easier, each cleared stage allows you to pick one of three buffs that make your team stronger.

This mode is the main source of skill books in the game.

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You are alone against a boss. Only one will survive the encounter. Interception is the boss mode in NIKKE - the more damage you will do, the better rewards.

This mode is the main source of equipment in the game.

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Tribe Towers
Tribe Towers

The good old Tower mode - climb the tower, fight stronger and stronger enemies and get better loot. In addition to generic Tower, there are also manufacturer Towers where you are restricted who you can use.

This mode gives a variety of rewards, including character shards.

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Lost Sector
Lost Sector

Adventure puzzle mode where the main goal is to kill all enemies and find all treasures hidden on the map. The rewards are fixed here and you unlock new maps as you progress in the story mode.

This mode gives a variety of rewards.

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Coordinated Operation

This mode is basically Interception, but instead of fighting against the boss alone, you do it with others. Important! Each of your friends can only use the character he brings into this mode. Good coordination is key to victory.