Goddess of Victory: NIKKE (or NIKKE: Goddess of Victory as both versions appear in the social media) is third-person shooter/idle game mix developed by SHIFTUP, the creators of Destiny Child.

In NIKKE you focus on collecting characters and developing them, but what makes the game stand out from other idle games is the combat. Instead of the usual isometric turn-based battles that are the staple of the idle genre, in NIKKE you take control of the characters directly and shoot everything that moves on the screen.

The best way to explain the combat is to show it, so check the below video:

Still, even if you dislike the style of combat, there exist an auto battle mode that while not perfect, allows you to breeze through most of the stages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is NIKKE a main or side type of game?

Definitely side, like most idle games. While the initial few days will give you plenty of things to do - especially considering the fact that the game has no stamina system - you will hit a wall sooner or later and the only way to push through it will be to wait for resources to pile up, so you can upgrade your characters.

How long does it take to finish the dailies?

Around 20 minutes is enough to do everything you need for the day.

What are the rates?

4% for SSR - the highest rarity - on the generic banner and 2% for SSR on Friendship banner.

Is there a pity system?

No. It uses the spark system instead - each pull you do gives you a Mileage Ticket and after gathering 200 you can exchange them for one of the SSR characters available in the shop.

Furthermore, the game has a Wish System that unlocks after you do your first 40 pulls. The Wish System allows you to select 5 characters from 3 out of 4 Manufacturers (Pilgrims are excluded) that you want to receive and when you pull an SSR from that Manufacturer, it will 100% be one of the characters on your Wishlist.

How important are dupes?

Dupes increase the level cap of your characters. The initial level cap is 80 and each dupe increases it by 40 - up to 200. So for SSR characters you only need 3 dupes to reach the level cap (SR characters are capped at 160 and need 2 dupes to max).

Also, if you receive a dupe of a character, it gets converted into Shards, so you can't use the multiple copies of the same character in one team.

Be aware that the game has a Synchronizer system that takes your 5 highest leveled characters and sets the level of your other ones to the lowest level from the 5. So similar how AFK Arena or other idle games do it. And what's important, if you place a SSR that you didn't receive any dupes for into the Synchronizer, she will still be leveled above her level cap.

If you want to learn more about the character progression system, check our other guide:

Is the game P2W?

P2W not really, but the prices of the packs in game are pretty expensive.

Is rerolling a must?

Yes, because there's a big difference between the best characters and the underwhelming ones. Check our Reroll guide if you want to learn more:

Is there a tier list?

Yes! You can find it here:

Is there PVP?

Yes! But it's all auto - you pick an enemy to attack and the game does its thing.

How many servers are there?

Five servers: North America, Europe (dubbed Global), Southeast Asia, Korea and Japan.

Does the game have a PC client?

Yes! You can download it from the official website for the game.

Can I play this game on an emulator?

Yes and while the performance is worse than on the official PC client, you can use macros here that make the daily grind easier.

You can download the LDPlayer emulator (with the game already installed) from our link and support Prydwen by doing so:

Free to download

This video explains how you can play the game in landscape mode:

Early game tips

Once you finish the tutorial and do you initial pulls (hopefully getting some strong characters), before you continue pushing through the story you need to build your team.

Compared to other idle games, where you can just throw your highest rarity characters together, in NIKKE, team building is a bit more complicated and you can potentially brick your team if you do it wrong - mainly due to how the Burst and Weapon Systems works.

But have no fear! We created two dedicated guides that will help you progress faster through the game:

  • Weapon guide - it explains the differences between the various weapons available in the game (Assault Rifle, Minigun, SMG, Sniper Rifle, Rocket Launcher and Shotgun) and how the choice of weapon impacts the gameplay,
  • Team Building guide - it explains the Burst System and gives tips how to build your team. Also, it features a few example teams.

You can find both guides here:

Make sure to use Rapi, the free character everyone obtains, as she's the best SR in the game and will carry you pretty far till you will be able to obtain better SSR characters that will replace her.

How to progress?

Once you have your team setup, you can continue progressing through the campaign.

After you have progressed far enough into Campaign, you will soon hit a wall and will no longer be able to clear stages easily. As the story stages cannot be replayed except for EX-Stages, you will now need to focus on other modes of the game.

After you unlock the Recycling room, you can now increase the characters’ passive stats further by investing into various cores. Each core will represent a certain class and a certain manufacturer. It is recommended for newer players to focus on investing into the Attacker Class as that will boost your main DPSs’ damage and help you progress further into the story.

After you unlock Interception, you can now farm for various tiers of equipment, up to Tier 8 as of CBT2/TT. Interception is a boss battle mode where you will fight a certain boss and depending on how much damage you have done to the boss within a time limit you will be awarded equipment to either upgrade your current equipment or obtain new equipment for your characters. Interception can be done 3 times per day.

After you unlock the Simulation Room, you can now farm for various skill shards to upgrade your Characters’ skills. Simulation room stages can be cleared individually once per stage daily.

Check our guides for all the available game modes: