After clearing Chapter 2 stage, following the story will unlock a new area called Outpost. The Outpost will be the main base of your operations from here onward, and where you will interact with your various NIKKEs you have gained from the gacha.


At the beginning, only a few areas will be available while other areas will be unlocked by progressing through the story.

These are:

  • Command Center, unlocked by default
  • Outpost Defense, unlocked by default
  • Infrastructure Core, unlocked by default
  • Bulletin Board, unlocked by default
  • Tactics Academy, unlocked by default
  • Synchro Device, Campaign Stage 4-15
  • Recycling Room, Campaign Stage 5-10

Now let us break this down into sections and explain what each area of the Outpost does.

Command Center


The Command Center will be your main base of operations, where any story progression will take place in.

Entering the command center will take you to your private room and office. Without clicking on any of the menus you can look around your room, although sadly you cannot see the Counters taking a shower.


Now let us explain what each menu does in your office.


The Recollection menu opens up 2 tabs, one for Main and one for Brief encounter. Main tab menu allows you to view the story events again from the story mode.

Brief encounters are conversations you can do with various NIKKE to gain more insight into their daily lives as well as be awarded with gifts that can increase their bond level. Any NIKKE’s who have a brief encounter open will have a chat mark above the building.

Outpost Stamina is required to view these events with the default number of stamina you have starting out being 2. You can increase the amount of Outpost stamina through Infrastructure core, which will be explained later. Outpost stamina is limited and recharges weekly, so do keep that in mind in which NIKKE you wish to have a brief encounter with. The brief encounters will not reset so don’t worry about missing out on any brief encounters!


Advise option opens up the Bond system menu, where you can further develop your relationship with NIKKEs to improve their affection towards you as well as increase their stats passively. You can also view their character stories which give more insight to the said NIKKE. If you are having a hard time searching for a particular NIKKE, you can sort the menu to showcase only NIKKEs from their manufacturer through the tabs.

When you click on a specific NIKKE, it will open up a new menu where you can see their current rank. Each level requires a certain amount of points that can be earned through gifts or the Advise option. You can also view their character stories that unlock after certain ranks are achieved by clicking View Episode. If you want to keep track of the NIKKE you are currently bonding with, you can click on the star option to bookmark them. Bookmarked NIKKEs will always be at the top of the list so you don’t have to search for them anymore!

Gift button allows you to give various gifts that increase their bond level, while various NIKKE will have certain preferences to what gifts they receive. Gifts are earned through outpost defense and brief encounters.

Advise button will allow you to interact with your NIKKE and they will ask you questions in which you can answer with 2 options. Choosing the right option will give you 100 bond points, while the wrong option will only give you 50 points. Do note you can only advise one per NIKKe up to 5 NIKKEs daily. Remember to think about the Waifu you are advising and know what their interests are!

Disclaimer from Central Government: You cannot marry them nor do lewds act with them. Please be a responsible commander and have the war effort in your best interests.

Lost Relic

Lost Relics menu will open up the collectibles section where you can view various lore hidden in the story mode stages that you have collected over time. Once you have completed the set, you can view the history of the old world!


Jukebox will open the OST menu, where you can listen to the various soundtracks of the game, with certain soundtracks hidden throughout the combat field in story mode. By clicking on the music note to a particular track, you can make that soundtrack be the main music playing in the commander room. However sadly this does not apply to the Outpost itself or lobby screen as there is no option to do so yet. OST tracks are found in both Normal and Hard mode, so start hunting down those elusive shiny sparks Commander!

Outpost Defense


Outpost Defense is the idle system of Goddess of Victory: Nikke. Here, you will accumulate offline progression rewards such as equipment, core dust,credit, battle data, and your commander level EXP. You can even earn 100 gems every time you level up your Outpost defense!

Now let’s how we can increase those levels. That is done through completing story stages. With every story stage you complete, you will progress towards increasing the level of Outpost Defense. Outpost Defense level will increase after you have completed 5 story stages, and as the level grows you will earn more rewards and better items through offline progression.


Wipeout is a function that allows you to instantly gather resources that is equivalent to 120 mins real time. You can do this 11 times, with the first time being free daily.

Once you have used your free wipeout, you will have to use gems in order to continue wipeout, and the gem cost will increase with each use. Be careful of spending too much commander!

Infrastructure Core


Infrastructure Core is a system that allows you to earn various perks as you level up and unlock Chipsets. Each Chipset contains a bonus perk to the Outpost and gives an additional general shop reset. Perks include Stamina to have more brief encounters, unlocking Auto-Dispatch, Dispatch-all and many other perks.

Infrastructure points are earned through the achievements menu, where completing various achievements will give you certain points that will go to leveling the Infrastructure core. Be sure to check the achievements occasionally and see what achievements you can clear to continue leveling the Infrastructure core!

Bulletin Board


Bulletin Board refreshes daily, and gives you various missions that you can dispatch your NIKKEs to complete them passively after a certain amount of time, allowing you to earn various rewards after completion.

Each mission will have a different requirement, with most of the early missions based on the rarity of NIKKEs. As you level up your Infrastructure Core, you will increase your dispatch range to have better rewards available at the bulletin board, where the requirements will also increase. Eventually, you will start to see requirements based on Manufacturers, so make sure you have a good roster to send out NIKKEs!

Tactics Academy


Tactics Academy is where you unlock various boosts to game modes as well as unlock various upgrades to the Outpost.

Each class has certain lessons you can pay for, with higher lessons costing more credit. To unlock each lesson, you also must have a certain R rarity NIKKE in order to do so. Higher lessons will require certain SR rarity characters in order to progress further.


Starting from Lesson 2-1 you will notice a new requirement in order to progress through the lessons. You now have to construct certain buildings in the outpost in order to complete and progress further into the lessons.

In order to first construct buildings, you must first find the specific construction building blueprint in the story mode campaign stages. If you missed any, you can always go back to the previous campaign story stages to look for them. Building blueprints are always found in Normal mode, all the way up to Chapter 10. Check our guide for an easier time finding them!

Once you have obtained the blueprints, buildings can be constructed anywhere you see a + symbol hovering certain empty spaces. Building spaces will be limited at the start, but you can increase the building space once you progress through Tactics academy.


Buildings with requirements needed to progress Tactics Academy will be noted in the construction menu so don’t worry about having to switch back and forth from the Tactics Academy!

Once you have chosen a space to construct your building, you’ll notice it will take time to construct said building. It will take 5 seconds to finish building the structure, and afterwards, you must click on the constructed building in order to fully finish it.

Once you unlock more spaces, you can easily click on the move building in order to move buildings to other empty spaces in order to organize or decorate your outpost however to your liking!

Synchro Device


After beating campaign stage 4-15 you will unlock a new feature in the Outpost called Synchro Device.

Synchro Device is a system that will allow you to boost a NIKKE’s level to match the highest 5 leveled characters you have. This makes it so you don’t have to worry about leveling any new NIKKE’s you obtain that may suit your preferences and needs!

Now this may get confusing so pay attention! The current 5 highest leveled NIKKEs will be shown in the menu, where the lowest level of the NIKKE will be chosen in order to determine the current level you can boost your other NIKKEs to. If they are all equal level, then the equal level instead will be chosen.

By clicking on the currently opened spaces, you can place NIKKEs here to boost their level to the current level shown. Do note their skills will not be affected and will simply increase their levels.

You can freely remove the NIKKE you have synced, however in doing so, the slot will go into a 4 hour cooldown timer. Removing the NIKKEs will reset their level back to where they were originally, so don’t worry about losing any progress.

You can increase further slots for free by progressing through the Tactics Academy or you can pay 500 gems in order to unlock new slots.

After 5 NIKKEs have reached a maximum level of 200, the synchro device will change and become Enhanced Synchro device. At this point all NIKKEs placed in Synchro device will be leveled to 200 by default, and you may level the NIKKEs further from the max limit of 200 to a maximum of 462.

Recycling Room


Recycling room is a feature unlocked after beating Campaign Stage 5-10, and is found in the Outpost.

The Recycling room is a feature where you can further upgrade stats of NIKKEs, depending on the choices of your cores.

Before we start delving into the various cores, we would like to give a huge disclaimer on the Recycling room.

The currency needed to buy the tokens to upgrade the Recycling room is called Body Label Tokens and they can be earned through the Gacha system. Each duplicate character you earn gives you a certain amount of Body label tokens based on rarity. As such, this is more of a system for those who are willing to spend on the gacha system while Free to play players will have to earn the currencies passively through Outpost defense.

Body label tokens can be used in the Body Label shop to buy various tokens to level the cores in the Recycling room. Each core has its own currency needed, so please do be careful in what you are spending, as you will have to roll the gacha if you wish to have more body label tokens.


In the middle of the UI, is a big core called General research. General research increases every NIKKEs HP and DEF and will be the main core you will focus on leveling.

By clicking on the core, you will open a new menu to allow you to level the core itself, which will require its own currency in order to level up.


The currency used for General Research is called RE-Energy and can be bought from the body label shop. It costs 300 body label tokens for 1 token, and you will need 10 of them in order to increase 1 level in the general core.

By leveling General Research to level 5, you will be able to unlock the class cores which give HP and DEF. Every NIKKE falls into 3 classes, so choose wisely in which class you prefer to focus on. Certain levels will require a certain General Research level so make sure you don’t fall behind on your General Research!

Class currency is needed to level the class cores, which can be bought from the body label shop for 400 tokens per 1 class token. As this is expensive, please choose carefully on what you spend.

By leveling General Research to level 10, you will now be able to unlock the Manufacturer cores. Manufacturer cores give ATK and DEF, which make them good for all commanders. Every NIKKE is produced by a manufacturer, and it will depend on who their manufacturer is in order to get the boost from the Manufacturer core. As ATK and DEF are ever important, we recommend focusing a Manufacturer core first before leveling the class cores.Certain levels will require a certain General Research level so make sure you don’t fall behind on your General Research!

Manufacturer cores are leveled up through their own currency, which cost 400 tokens. They can also be bought from the body label shop for 400 tokens per 1 class token. As this is expensive, please choose carefully on what you spend.