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Below you will find a few example packs available in the game. We assigned certain values to the Gems and Tickets and came up with a formula that shows how good each of those packs are. The higher the value in last column, the better.

Keep in mind that below you won't find any of the newbie packs that actually have the best value in the game currently and are worth buying anyway if you plan to spend. The table below shows packs that are permanently in the game.

PackPrice ($)GemsTicketsSSR ShardsValue
30-Day Supply4.993300--667
Battle Pass19.99-2550600
Campaign I19.9910 000--500
NIKKE Master IV99.998 0003050215
Monthly Recruitment IV99.998 00040-200
Growth Pack III99.998 000-100170
First Purchase 620079.9912 400--155
First Purchase 230029.994 600--153

As you can see, after the first 3 packs, the value drastically drops - the packs are simply overpriced compared to others and only good to buy if you are a dolphin or a whale.

All packs in the game

If you want to compare the values for all packs in the game, check this great spreadsheet created by Rayel#0001:

Cash Shop Data

30-Day Supply

30 day pack

As usual in most games, the monthly gem pack that gives you some gems upfront and then daily for 30 days (3300 in total) is the best thing you can buy.

Ignore the high price - it's my local currency. The $ price can be found in the table above.

Battle Pass

Battle Pass

The Battle Pass costs $19.99 in NIKKE and while initially we thought it was a scam, after comparing it to other packs, it's actually one of the better things to buy if you look at the Gems and Shards only. It also comes with a skin - a different one every season.

Full list of content:

  • 1 skin
  • 25 Regular Tickets
  • 50 SSR Shards (60% to obtain SSR character, so it's a bit RNG)

Campaign I

Campaign Pack

Along the Monthly Gems packs, the first-time-clear packs are another staple of the gacha genre. In NIKKE while the number of gems received here is lower compared to other idle games (here you get 800 gems per chapter and most other games gives you enough for a 10-pull), you have to keep in mind that NIKKE requires only 3 dupes to max limit break a character. Anything after you reach MLB will just provide you with 2% stat bonus per dupe.

In total, for clearing up to Chapter 10, you receive 10k Gems.


Nikke Pack

This pack on top of the usual Gems and Tickets, also gives you a T9 gear selector that will give a big power boost to one of your characters, especially in the early game.

It's a great pack for dolphins and whales to get a head start.