Guild Coop is a semi-competitive, co-op, raid boss PVE gamemode where you take on guild bosses to earn rewards for the whole consortium, while competing in a non-rewarding leaderboard against other consortiums.

Every guild coop week, each member has 3 arena and 2 boss attempts.


Each week will have multiple different arenas that all grant different artifacts for the final raid. These artifacts are only used for the current week, and are lost at the start of every week.

Each arena also has their own stage restrictions and difficulty. A gold medal clear gives 30% progress towards the arena’s buff, with lower tier medals giving less. Coordinate with your guild mates on which arena to hit because the number of attacks you can do is limited and you can't obtain all Artifacts available during a season.

Guild boss

There are a total of 15 boss stages, but all the rewards can be obtained by taking down stage 7 boss weekly.

The guild boss gains levels as the stages progress. In addition to that, it gets mechanical changes at stages 3, 5, 7, and 8.

StagesEnhanced AttackBladesaw SkillLaser SkillOther
1-2Not used1 RoarUlt used after 90s. Can't be canceled.Boss is immune to ASPD debuffs
3-4Used2 RoarsUlt used after 2 Bladesaw skills. Can be canceled by dealing 0.01% of total HP. Boss gains 40% Res during the check.Boss is immune to ASPD debuffs
5-6Used2 RoarsUlt used after 1 Bladesaw skill. Can be canceled by dealing 0.01% of total HP. Boss gains 60% Res during the check.Boss is immune to ASPD debuffs
7Used1 RoarUlt used after 2 Bladesaw skills. Can't be canceled.Boss is immune to ASPD debuffs
8-15Used1 RoarUlt used after 2 Bladesaw skills. Can't be canceled.Boss is immune to ASPD debuffs. It also gains: 20% Res, 100% CC Res, Immunity to Silence and Skill Haste debuffs.

While first 7 stages can be one-shotted by most end game players, from stage 8 and onwards, the boss gains various immunities that makes it require cooperative efforts to be taken down.

Guide for 1-7 stages

Guild Coop team
Key units:
Lin Xien
Yang Harim
Evelyn Keller
John Mason
Awakened Lee Sooyeon
  • All the units, except for ship defenders, should be placed on the right side for them to not get hit by the boss ultimate.
  • For defending the ship, A. LSY is considered the best unit in the game to defend the ship while granting skill haste buff to rangers. For alternatives, Awakened Yuna can also defend the ship.
  • When the boss is about to use the ultimate, place down John Mason. This will prevent the boss using the second ultimate later on which can potentially wipe the team.
  • Gearing wise, Lin Xien then Yang Harim should take priority for skill haste sets, and pure DPS units should be equipping any ASPD, ATK or CDMG sets.
  • In stages 1-7, the boss is not immune to skill seal so Mone and John Mason are crucial to keep the boss sealed thus avoiding the second ultimate.

Example run

From SEA server

Guide for 8+ stages

Guide for the harder version of the boss is coming soon, but be aware that it gains a lot of immunities starting from stage 8 which means that Mone and Mason become useless.

Still, keep in mind that in order to receive all rewards from the Guild Coop, you only need to kill Stage 7 - everything higher is just for bragging rights.

Switching Consortiums

When a player leaves a consortium, all of the participation points will be maintained, but the player will not be able to participate in the current week of the new consortium, and will not obtain participation points from the new consortium in the same week, but the player will still gain participation points from the old consortium in that week.