Relic Dungeons is the mode where you will spend most of your Eternium because currently, it's the only place in the game where you can farm T7 Gear and T7 Materials that are used both in crafting new T7 gear and upgrading your current T6 gear to T7.

Alongside Dive 50, Relic Dungeons are the hardest content in the game and each of the three Dungeons has a set of restrictions that force you to use a certain composition to clear it.

Overall in this guide, I will only focus on analyzing the fourth stage of each Dungeon, because it has the best rates and gives the most materials. Also the teams I will show are tailored to work on auto-battle - the reason behind this is that you will farm the dungeons constantly and doing it on manual is pointless.

Drop rates

Each Dungeon consist of four stages and the drop rates seem to be the same no matter the Dungeon.

StageT7 MaterialSSR gearSR gearR gearT6 Reinforcement ModuleElite Equipment MaterialAdvanced Equipment MaterialR employeeCredits

Source of the numbers: Arca.Live


Each Dungeon has a debuff tied to it and basically it makes one type of employees unusable. Also, the debuff values vary between the stage number.

StageMonster LevelDebuff
#1100-5% HP lost per second, -10% ATK and Skill Haste
#2110-10% HP lost per second, -30% ATK and Skill Haste
#3120-15% HP lost per second, -50% ATK and Skill Haste
#4130-20% HP lost per second, -70% ATK and Skill Haste

Weapon Dungeon

Relic Dungeon 1

In the final stage of this Dungeon you will fight Evil Titan and the unlucky employee type here are Soldiers. This dungeon drops only Weapons.

Fight mechanics

  • Evil Titan will cast a buff on himself from time to time, and if it isn't removed, it will become permanent, so you need at least one buff remover in your team,
  • his special skill deals stupid amounts of damage which means that healers that provide shields help you survive it,
  • while Evil Titan can remove all debuffs from self, debuffers are still good here - especially those who can constantly provide the debuffs, so even if they're removed, they will debuff him again,
  • employees that can stun Evil Titan help a lot, because it postpones his overtuned skill that can easily wipe your team.

Key employees

Regina MacCready
Awakened Hilde
Awakened Joo Shiyoon
Regina MacCready, Awakened Hilde and Awakened Shiyoon

Regina the main tank of the team that also acts as debuffer. Still, to make her work you need to have her at least 106 level, but 110 is preferred. Awakened Hilde and Awakened Shiyoon are a good alternative for the main tank's spot - Hilde keeps herself alive really well and Shiyoon with his perma-evasion buff also can survive quite a beating.

Yang Harim and Arius Esquede

While Evelyn provides pure healing, in this stage you need the barriers Yang and Arius bring to survive Evil Titan attacks. Still, Evelyn and Chinatsu are often used here too in addition to Yang/Arius duo.

Machine Collector and Yen Xing Lanchester

Both are here as buff removers, but MC is the better out of the two, because she can also debuff and stun the Titan.

Kestrel Xiao Lin
Replacer Queen
Rita Arsenico
Kestrel Xiao Lin, Replacer Queen and Rita Arsenico

The three core damage dealers that shine in this stage. Still, on top of doing great damage the trio brings, they can also stun the Evil Titan (and Rita acts as secondary debuffer).


If you don't have Replacer Queen, Ministra can act as the secondary damage dealer alongside Kestrel Xiao Lin. Overall in the recent few days Ministra became quite popular in this dungeon.

Key ships

Both Enterprise and Gleipnir: Armor type are commonly used.

Example teams

Titan Team 1
Titan Team 2
Titan Team 3
Titan Team 4

Armor Dungeon

Relic Dungeon 2

In the final stage of this Dungeon you will fight Evil Maria and the unlucky employee type here are Counters. This dungeon drops only Armors.

Fight mechanics

  • Evil Maria and other units will do less damage if the target has a barrier on. The problem is, Counter units are the debuffed type here, so you can't use Yang or Arius and you're forced to use Mechs that also can barrier themselves,
  • Evil Maria will use her special that hits whole battlefield every 10 seconds or so; targets without barrier will be basically one-shotted,
  • when you kill Jake, he will respawn after roughly 15 seconds. This gives you a short window to push toward Evil Maria's ship,
  • if you take too long, then enemy ship will push all your units back to your ship and often this leads to a wipe. You have roughly a minute to kill Maria and the ship before this happens.

Key employees

Horizon and Veronica

99% of the teams that cleared this stage on auto use Horizon. She's a Mech and her passive constantly gives her barriers, so she can not only ignore the stage mechanics, but also push toward the ship super easy. It's like the stage was designed with her in mind. The only alternative team that doesn't use her, has Veronica instead (check team number 3 screenshot below).

Awakened Horizon

Another mech that can self-barrier herself and she also acts as the damage dealer here - thanks to her %HP Damage.