Is it worth it

Considering that CounterSide has a special banner that you can reroll 30 times - and also has some of the best SSRs in the game - then the answer is not really. However, if you want to get the best start possible, then rerolling is still worth it.

1. Create a Guest account

Make sure to login using a Guest account. This will allow you to easily reset your progress if you are not satisfied with what you got.

Guest accounts and the account deletion options are not available on Steam, so you are forced to reroll on an emulator or your phone before linking the account to an email or another login option.

2. Play through the tutorial

Play through the tutorial till you reach the lobby. This should take you around 5-7 minutes if you click through all the dialogue.

3. New CEO Banner

New CEO banner

The game will give you 1000 Quartz and force you to do a 10-pull on the New Ceo banner. This banner is a recent addition to the game and it guarantees an SSR Rarity employee in 30 pulls or less. The cost to pull on that banner is also cheaper as each pull costs only 100 Quartz, instead of the normal 150 Quartz.

As of the writing of this guide (18/2/2023), you can skip this banner to save the 1000 Quartz given to you by force closing the game.

You can get the following Employees here:

Kyle Wong
Elizabeth Pendragon
Seo Yoon
Esterosa de Chevalier
Nanahara Chifuyu

Click on the images of the characters shown above to access their individual detailed ratings and reviews.

4. Selective Recruitment Banner

Selective banner

Now the game will force you do a pull on Selective Recruitment Banner.

Each time you do a 10-pull, you will always receive 1 SSR character, 3 SR characters, and 3 Rare characters and 3 Normal Rarity characters. Here's a list of the SSR employees you can get from the Selective Banner:

Nanahara Chinatsu
Elizabeth Pendragon
Esterosa de Chevalier
Nanahara Chifuyu

Again, to access detailed individual ratings and reviews, click on the pictures.

Do a 10-pull, but don't accept the results (even if it's someone you want). Press the Back button in top left corner instead. We will come back to this banner later.

5. Check your mail

Without leaving the recruitment screen, press the mail icon in the top right part of the screen. Get all rewards from there.

6. Continue the tutorial

Do not do anything with all the Quartz you have received and instead press the lobby button to follow the tutorial till you reach this screen:

End of reroll

From now on, you will be able to browse the game as you want it, so press the lobby button instead of going in the battle.

7. Use the goodies

Now, navigate to account options and use the codes available on the homepage of Prydwen’s CounterSide category.

If you quit the initial 10 pull, you should be sitting on quite a lot of Quartz. This means you can go to Shop > Permanent Packs > Classified Recruitment Package. There, you will buy the 11-pull pack for 2750 Quartz.

If you don't have the patience to roll for an awaken, you can use the Quartz on one of the normal banners (but only do it during reroll - Quartz should never be used on normal pulls after you start playing).

You can now use those tickets to pull on the currently available awakened banner. Ideally, you should try and reroll the account until you get the awakened unit within your first 10 pull. If not, you can save the pity for future awakened banners.

8. Return to the Selective Recruitment Banner

Now that you are done with everything else, return to the Selective Recruitment Banner. If you have not gotten Nanahara Chifuyu yet, pick her from the Selective Recruitment Banner. If you have already gotten her, pick someone else like Gaeun.

Done rerolling?

Reset Account

Didn't get what you wanted? Time to try again!

In the KR version of the game, you can go to setting and reset your account. This will take you back to the login screen.

In SEA you have to close the game and manually delete the application data (clear cache), but this will also force you to redownload about 3 GB of data. Using emulators like Bluestack is recommended to speed up the process, since you can roll on more than one client at the same time (if your PC can handle it that is).

The account reset option is available in the Global version on mobile. To use the reset account option, navigate to the screen below and press the Delete Account button. This will take you back to the login screen.

Reset account


Here's how a perfect reroll would look like:

  1. Start the game and do what the tutorial wants till you reach the New CEO banner. Force close the game then to keep the 1k Quartz,
  2. Finish the tutorial, gather the goodies and use available codes,
  3. If you want to reroll for one of the currently available awaken characters, buy the Classified Recruitment Pack for 2750 Quartz and use the Black Tickets on an awakened banner
  4. Go to the catalogue and missions and get all the rewards you could get and hopefully you will get 1k to roll on the New CEO banner you've skipped previously,
  5. Once you do all your pulls and you are happy with them, go back to the Selective Banner. If you did not get Nanahara Chifuyu, get her from the Selective Banner (while both her and Gaeun are a good choice there, Gaeun is available in some ticket selectors, while this is your only chance to guarantee yourself Chifuyu). If you got Chifuyu already, get Gaeun from the Selective instead.

Video guide

The video shows the reroll process on Global server.