MVP employees

Yen Xing Lanchester
Edel Meitner
John Mason

Esterosa barrier is way thicker in SP than her normal one, but Yen/Alex can dispel it allowing you to clear the stages with her faster.

Lee Jisoo
Awakened Seo Yoon
Frederick Doma

Claudia is one of the enemies on this floor so heal blocking is useful here.


Shadow Enemy

Shadow Esterosa

Her shields are thicker and it takes a while to go through them, but if you have Alex/Yen Xing you can easily make her vulnerable.

Shadow Enemy

Shadow Claudia

Not only does she heal a lot, but also damages anyone that stays in her healing aura. Bring a heal blocker to deal with the healing easier.

Shadow Enemy

Shadow Shin Jia

Stronger clones + bigger knockback, so use more ranged characters to deal with her.


It’s similar to the normal Lake ship, but the shield also gives ASPD and the ult only pushes units back without pulling the backline to the front.


  • Room 1 - Defenders are banned
  • Room 2 - Snipers are banned
  • Room 3 - Strikers are banned
  • Room 4 - Max 25 deployment cost
  • Room 5 - Max 25 deployment cost and Soldiers are banned


Any room can be cleared with dozens, if not more, different teams. Obviously, if you have Yuna/Hilde/ASY, you can slap her into your team and she will carry you, but the example teams below are targeted toward players that don’t really have any awakened units.

Room 1

Bring Alex/Yen Xing to deal with Shadow Este and the floor will be a cakewalk. You can’t use defenders here, so give Alex - or your other Striker - HP+HP (or HuMaGorgor from your tank) and she will carry you. Still, if you lack Alex or other barrier removers, you just need to bring more firepower to destroy the barriers made by Esterosa.

Example team (order matters):

Xiao Lin
Claudia Nelson

Edel Meitner
Yang Harim
Sylvia Lena Cooper
Cindy Looper

Room 2

This time snipers are banned, so you can’t use Edel the carry monster here. Since Claudia’s circle only hurts ground units, you can use Air units (Rosa, Janus) to basically have free real estate on her while a tank occupies her.

Example team (order matters):

Rosaria le Friede
Frederick Doma
Evelyn Keller