The Liberation mode was released with the 12th January 2023 update. The mode allows you to obtain SSR characters for free, but there are a few important things you need to know:

  • There are 3 characters you can obtain: Guilty, Sin and Quency,
    • You can get those characters only from the Liberation mode - they don't appear in banners or shards,
  • After picking a character you want to free, while you can change her to another, it will cost you some points and time (unless you reset your choice at very specific moments - more about that later),
  • It takes roughly 60 days to unlock one character,
  • After you unlock a character, you can buy her Spare Bodies in Union Shop.



A lot of players are having issues finding the Liberation mode and you can do it in the NIKKE screen - there is a new button in the top-left corner. You can see it on the image above.

Once you press the button for the first time, you will be welcomed by this screen:


Here, you will have to choose one of the 3 characters - either Sin, Guilty or Quency - as the target that you want to obtain. Honestly, at this point you can pick anyone, because you will start at 0 points anyway, so you can change it on the next screen without any penalty.

Once you pick someone, this screen will appear and that's the default screen for Liberation mode you will see from now on when you return to it.


Here, the screen is split into 3 parts:

  • The top part shows the character you want to free,
  • The middle part shows the quests you have to do to obtain points,
  • The bottom part shows your progress.
Obtaining points

Daily, 3 random quests will become available here and they're basically daily quests with small twists here and there. Once you complete one, you just have to press on the tile to obtain the points. The quests that can appear here have random rarities that affect how many points you will obtain for clearing the mission.

After completing a quest, you can refresh it for 50 Gems and then you can obtain the points again, but only up to 6 times a day (so daily you can do 3 free + 3 paid quests). This means that spenders will be able to drastically decrease the time needed to obtain a character.

While we will need a few days to check how the rarity of the quests is determined, if we assume that a F2P player will just do 3 free quests a day (10+20+30, so one quest of each rarity - which is what should happen on average), he will need roughly 60 days to unlock a character (since 3600 points are required to obtain it).

Spenders who want to use 150 Gems a day can decrease the amount of time needed by half or even more. Considering the low Gem income, we advise F2P players to avoid refreshing the quests.

Resetting the choice

The bottom progress bar is split into 6 stages. If you reset your choice, you will be 'taken' back to the start of the stage you're currently in. This is why we suggest to change the character of your choice when you reach a stage, so you won't lose any points.

Available characters

Currently in the Liberation mode you can obtain one of three characters and it looks like Guilty is the best out of them.


Sin is Burst II Defender who wields an Assault Rifle. Similar to Ludmilla, she has a screen-wide Taunt which is both good and bad. Good because it allows you to save your team, and bad as when you fight under heavy power deficit this is a death sentence.

You can check her full review here:


Guilty is Burst II Attacker who wields a Shotgun. She has a unique mechanic that allows her to duplicate part of the ATK of the highest ATK ally, which massively increases her damage output, especially when you pair her with a character that has a lot of ATK.

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Quency is Burst II Supporter who wields a pair of SMGs. She can increase ATK of 2 allies on a pretty low cooldown, but at the same time the buff gives just 16% ATK at max level. On top of that her Burst can further increase Critical Damage of 2 allies and also increase their Max HP (which is basically a heal).

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