Early-game team

The early game composition includes only SR rarity characters, because everyone will have different reroll targets - still, if you for example roll for an attacker, you will replace the attacker in the composition below. Also, the placement of characters changes depending if you will play on auto or manually - the difference is caused by how the AI uses the skills and we explained it in our Team Building guide.


Overall, Anis/Rapi/Neon/N102 are good choices to fill the gaps in any starter team. Make sure to keep Anis to the left of Diesel for the Def down debuff - Diesel just brings DPS as she is SSR so her base stats are higher. You're not using her for her tanking abilities here and she will be replaced either way later.

As for SR supports:

  • N102 is a general support that works in any team
  • Neon is great with Shotgun users
  • Belorta shines when paired with Snipers

Meta teams

Below we will showcase a few meta teams that are currently used by endgame players. Keep in mind that building the teams when you start will be close to impossible (unless you will open your wallet) and are meant to be one of the goals you aim to achieve.

God Composition

About the team

This team is the most common and universal team used by endgame players - both to challenge the campaign and other modes. Sadly, it's a pretty expensive team to run as 3 Pilgrims form the core of it.

Team configuration
  • Liter acts as the main supporter in the team - her buffs are simply incredible and they drastically increase the team's damage,
  • Rapunzel gives you healing and also resurrect option when someone else dies,
  • Centi acts as both burst energy generator and Shielder that can save you from suicide bots and other nasty attacks,
  • Scarlet and Modernia are the main carries that can deal with most Mid and Far enemies with ease.
Alternative options
Burst I
  • N102 being the budget version of Liter is what most of you should use in your Burst I spot if you don't have Liter and if you don't run a more specialized team.
  • Pepper while not providing any buffs gives you additional healing when you need it.
Burst II
  • Anis is your go-to character if you don't have any great SSR Burst II characters. Her Burst generation is the reason you use her in the team as it allows you to use your Burst skills faster,
  • Dolla is a pure support that gives ATK buffs and further cooldown reduction,
  • Rupee is among the best Burst II damage dealers in the game, but she also provides the team with ATK buff,
  • Currently the best Burst II damage dealer in the game - her damage output is simply stupid, especially if you already have a strong Burst III carry so she can 'steal' her attack and make herself even stronger.
Burst III