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Tier ListLast updated: 25.11.2022

We updated the tier list to include the current - bugged - state of the game, which includes:

  • Bugged mechanics (charge and reload bugs) and bugged characters (more about them in Known Bugs tab),
  • The damage formula favoring ATK buffs over Crit Damage buffs (high chance this isn't a bug, but balancing attempt),
  • Shields preventing the damage from overflowing, which can help in cheesing some content (this isn't a bug).

Also, the tier list is made for Auto Play, not for manual play. The reload bug rarely happens on auto, so characters that can abuse it received lower ratings in the tier list compared to those in other regions.

For more details about some of our ratings, check this blog post.

Also, you can switch back to the non-bugged tier list by using the dropdown in Configuration section above.

Below you will find a list of characters that aren't working as intended. The arrow shows if the bug makes the character stronger or weaker than her current rating.

  • Harran, Exia, Dolla, Milk, Frima, Yulha, Eunwha, Centi, Anis, Belorta - the charge bug makes them do way more damage than they should (both on auto and manual, but on auto it happens rarely),
  • Helm - same charge bug as with Harran + her Burst skill description is wrong in-game (she only attacks one target),
  • Yan - same charge bug as with Harran + her Burst sometimes moves enemies behind terrain or outside the map, forcing you to restart the stage,
  • Rupee - she makes non-stackable buffs permanent basically, making her super strong in teams that use a lot of buffs,
  • Yuni - sometimes her skills may cause other characters to have unlimited magazines (only happens in manual play) + same charge bug as with Harran,
  • Liter, Privaty, Neon, N102, Mica, Drake - same unlimited magazine bug as with Yuni, but in case of Drake, it only affects her not the team,
  • Snow White, Maxwell - in rare occasions both can use their Burst skills two or three times in a row (the bug is related to the magazine capacity bug),
  • Ludmilla - her Taunt doesn't work, making her basically useless,
  • Pepper - has issue stacking buffs which affects her healing output (but you can play her on manual to partially avoid this bug),
  • Vesti - she deals 1 damage with her burst, so she's even worse than she was on the test server,
  • Sugar - same unlimited magazine bug as with Yuni + her ASPD buff doesn't work at all,
  • Soline - when she bursts there's a low chance the aim reticle will vanish and when it does happen, a random character on your team can die,
  • Poli - in some cases her S2 won't affect the number of allies it should,
  • Noise - her S2 instead of increasing her Max HP gives her a massive drain that constantly heals her as she is taunting the enemy she attacks, making her basically immortal.

To spot them easier, the bugged characters have a purple bug icon in top left corner of their card.