Forgotten Hall

Forgotten Hall is a game mode where the objective is to defeat a group of enemies in as few turns as possible. After completing a Forgotten Hall stage you will be awarded between 0 to 3 stars for that stage depending on how many turns it took you to defeat the enemies in that stage. The more stars that you are awarded, the better the rewards you receive.

It is a most challenging game mode with the final stages being considered the currently available end game content. Also those who played Genshin Impact should be very familiar with this mode as it is the equivalent of Abyss from GI.

Forgotten Hall is divided in two parts: Memory and Memory of Chaos.

  • Memory consists of 15 stages and provides a one time reward of Stellar Jades upon completion.
    • The later stages of Memory require the use of two teams of up to 4 Characters.
  • Memory of Chaos consists of 10 stages and reward Stellar Jades upon completion
    • Memory of Chaos stages are more challenging than Memory stages.
    • Memory of Chaos stages reset periodically, allowing the player to complete them again for additional Stellar Jades.
Memory Turbulence

The Memory Turbulence is a special effect that affects the enemies or your characters during the battle. Each stage has a different Memory and often you need to build the team around it (and the enemy) to pass the stage.

Here's a video showing the mode in action:

Forgotten Hall - Memory of Chaos

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