Game modes

In addition to exploring the overworld and doing missions, Honkai: Star Rail also offers a number of other game modes for the player to enjoy as well.

Resource/Boss Stages

Throughout the overworld in Honkai: Star Rail, you will encounter a number of dungeon type entrances that you can enter to farm resources and materials to progress your account. However, Trailblaze Power must be expended in order to obtain the rewards for completing these stages.

The different stages are:


These are your basic resource stages and provide one of the following material depending on which Calyx stage you are farming:

  • Calyx: Bud of Memories - Character EXP material
  • Calyx: Bud of Aether - Light Cone EXP material
  • Calyx: Bud of Grit - Credits (in game money)

There are also 7 different Calyx stages, each corresponding to one of the 7 Paths. These Calyx cycle daily and provide Character Trace upgrade materials and Light Cone Ascension materials.

It costs 10 Trailblaze Power to do one Calyx stage.

You can queue up to 6 Calyx runs at a time. Essentially, this allows you to repeat the same Calyx stage without having to exit and re-enter. Each run will cost you 10 Trailblaze Power (60 Trailblaze Power total if you queue up 6 runs).

Stagnant Shadow
  • These stages reward Character ascension materials. Each stage drops a different ascension material, so make sure to check your Character page to see which one the Character that you are ascending needs.
  • It costs 30 Trailblaze Power to do one Stagnant Shadow stage.
Cavern of Corrosion
  • These stages reward Relics.
  • It costs 40 Trailblaze Power to do one Caven of Corrosion stage.
Echo of War
  • These are your weekly boss stages and reward Relics, Tracks of Destiny (Character skill level upgrade material), and Light Cones.
  • You can only do 3 Echo of War runs every week. However, you can do the same Echo of War stage multiple times.
  • It costs 30 Trailblaze Power to do one Echo of War stage.

Here's a video showing the mode in action:

Forgotten Hall

Forgotten Hall is a game mode where the objective is to defeat a group of enemies in as few turns as possible. After completing a Forgotten Hall stage you will be awarded between 0 to 3 stars for that stage depending on how many turns it took you to defeat the enemies in that stage. The more stars that you are awarded, the better the rewards you receive.

It is a more challenging game mode with the final stages being considered as end game content.

Forgotten Hall is divided in two parts: Memory and Memory of Chaos.

  • Memory consists of 15 stages and provides a one time reward of Stellar Jades upon completion.
    • The later stages of Memory require the use of two teams of up to 4 Characters.
  • Memory of Chaos consists of 10 stages and reward Stellar Jades upon completion
    • Memory of Chaos stages are more challenging than Memory stages.
    • Memory of Chaos stages reset periodically, allowing the player to complete them again for additional Stellar Jades.

Here's a video showing the mode in action:

Simulated Universe


Simulated Universe is a roguelike game mode where the player will select a team of four Characters to venture inside a simulated world to collect a random set of buffs that they can use to enhance their team and fight the enemies inside. The player will progress through a set of semi-randomized combat and non-combat stages with the goal of defeating the boss in the final stage.

This game mode does not require the player to spend any Trailblaze Power to play it and there is no limit to how many times the player can start a run in the Simulated Universe. The player can however optionally spend Trailblaze Power to obtain Planetary Ornaments (Character equipment) while inside certain stages of the Simulated Universe.

Players can also earn rewards such as Stellar Jades and Star Rail Passes on a weekly basis via this game mode.

Learn more about this mode here: