Trailblaze Level


Trailblaze Level is your overall account level and can be increased by obtaining Trailblaze EXP. Trailblaze EXP can primarily be earned by completing in-game missions and events as well as spending Trailblaze Power (the game’s stamina system).

As your Trailblaze Level increases, you will unlock more game functions such as Training Missions (daily missions) as well as increasing the number of times that you can ascend your Characters, increasing their level cap. Additionally, the difficulty of the enemy in the overworld will also increase once you reach certain Trailblaze Level milestones. The maximum Trailblaze level is 70.

As Trailblaze Level increases, the Equilibrium Level also increases, making enemies more challenging while also increasing rewards. Equilibrium Level increases at Level 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, and 65 after completing the related Adventure Mission.

Everytime that your Trailblaze Level increases, you can obtain rewards from Pom-Pom at the Astral Express (visible on the image above).

Trailblaze Power


Trailblaze Power is the stamina system of Honkai: Star Rail. It is primarily used to obtain resources and upgrade materials from the various resource and boss dungeons in the game.

Trailblaze Power is generated at a rate of 1 per 6 minutes. You can store up to a maximum of 180. A total of 240 Trailblaze Power can be generated every day.

You can also replenish your Trailblaze power by using Fuel (reward from various missions) or Stellar Jades). Fuel is an in game consumable that when used will give you 60 Trailblaze Power immediately.



Missions in Honkai: Star Rail come in a couple of different variety:

  • Trailblaze
    • Trailblaze missions are the main story missions. They are denoted with an orange color in your quest log and on the mini map.
    • They reward Stellar Jades, the game’s gacha currency and are required for account progression as completing them is the only way to unlock new areas and regions.
  • Companion
    • Companion Missions are side missions for specific Characters. These are generally missions that will provide you with more background and lore on the Character that they are centered on. They are denoted with a purple color in your quest log and on the min map.
    • They reward Stellar Jades and is a decent amount of Trailblaze EXP as well, making them a good source of obtaining EXP to level your Trialblaze Level early on.
  • Adventure
    • Adventure missions are side missions. They are denoted with a blue color in your quest log and on the mini map. Some will reward Stellar Jades.
  • Training
    • Training missions are your daily missions.
    • You will receive a semi-randomized set of 6 Training missions every day.
    • Each Training mission will provide you with 100 or 200 Activity Points and you need to gather 500 in total to obtain all daily rewards which includes a total of 60 Stellar Jades as well as some upgrade materials:

Operation Briefing


Operation Briefing is a set of beginner missions that are designed to guide the player’s progression at the start of the game. Completing these missions will reward you with Stellar Jades , Warp Passes, Relics, Light Cones and other good stuff.

There are 9 pages of beginner missions in the Operation Briefing.



As the name suggests, Achievements are a collection of tasks that the player can complete to earn a varying amount of Stellar Jades.



Assignments are passive activities that the player can assign their Characters to do. While on Assignments, Characters will passively gather resources and materials for the player. They are the equivalent of expeditions in other gacha games.

The player can send up to 4 sets of 2 Characters (8 total) out on Assignments at any given time. Each Assignment has a duration of 4, 8, 12, or 20 hours. Once completed, the Characters will bring back the resources and materials listed in the reward section of the Assignment.

Also, you can still use the characters you've sent on Assignment, so don't be afraid about losing access to them for the duration they're gone.