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Team compositions examples

  • There are many variations but these are examples that could give you a good score,
  • This boss is very auto friendly so you can achieve high score by just autoing the comps you use, manual will have more score potential but the difference is not that big,
  • “Highest Max HP” is specified so that it will have the highest max hp in the team, in order to tank Kharma Shackles.
Team 1
  • Ultimate - 1x Aki > 1x Erika > 1x Aki > 1x Erika > Rest Aki
  • Highest Max HP - Catherine
Team 2
  • Ultimate - 2x Honglan > 1x Vio > 2x Honglan > 1x Vio > 1x Honglan > 1x Vio
  • Highest Max HP - Petra
Team 3
  • Ultimate - Lizelotte
  • Highest Max HP - Aira

Understanding Mechanics

Boss debuffs

This boss is very oriented to physical damage, which means characters that are of type DEX/STR will be able to deal a lot of damage taking advantage of the following things:

  • Burn will reduce physical resistance by 30%,
  • Each time the boss gains “Mana deficiency” from doing obliterate, he will gain a debuff that will increase damage received by 12% (stacks up to 3x times).

With this we know that we want to have Burn and enough mana reduction to make the boss have less than 25% mana so that we can do more damage with the physical resistance reduction.

Kharma Shackles

This targets the character with the highest HP and incapacitates the target for a period of time, once that period is over your team will get an attack buff and the boss will start losing mana, this is when you will want to use ultimates and main skills to deal more damage.

For taking the damage of Kharma Shackles you want to have characters with low Attack and High HP, these tanks must have the highest hp in your team, so make sure you have that before starting the match.

Thorn Waves

In the images below you can see which areas the second wave will hit, second hit stuns.





Obliterate is a 2 hit skill where mana deficiency can be triggered and with it a 12% stack debuff, this only happens when the Boss has 24% or less mana during that skill move, during that skill you have a short window of attack where you can have the 50% attack buff and 12% increased damage received stack.

Source here for source.

This first image shows how the attack would begin:


After this animation you can see in the buff/debuff bar that the boss has gained this debuff which is the one that increases incoming damage by 12%, so after this hit you can use your DEX/STR related mains in order to do more damage.


Useful characters


Also Rose can apply Burn.

Mana reduction
Ignore mana gain
Kharma Shackles tanks(Must be highest HP in the team)