Is it worth to reroll?

Overall, rerolling in Eversoul isn't worth, because:

  • it's an idle game - so you will need multiple dupes of the same character to max it,
  • at the end of the tutorial you will unlock an infinite reroll banner.

Still, even if you decide only to use the infinite reroll banner, knowing who to get from that banner is very important and the next section will show you some good early-game characters.

Also, make sure to login as Guest - this reroll guide works only when you use that option (when you're on the home screen, the guest option is available in top-left corner of the screen - we have videos attached below that show the process too).


Eversoul is pretty generous game, and during the first few days you will obtain a lot of Epics for free. Here's the list of the freebies:

  • Linzy - you will get her during the tutorial but also she's the reward for clearing Chapter 6 (so you get 2 copies of her really early),
  • Mica - she will wait for you in the in-game mail after you finish tutorial (after claiming her, you still have to go to your Bag and combine her shards to unlock her),
  • Talia - given after you spend at least 1$ in the in-game shop,
  • Chloe - reward for clearing Chapter 2,
  • Clara - reward for clearing Chapter 3,
  • Rebecca - reward for clearing Chapter 5,
  • Seeha - reward from Boot Camp missions,
  • Mephistopeles - login calendar (day 7).

Just keep in in mind, that you need 8 dupes (14 dupes for Angel/Demon factions) in total to max a character - so even if you pull a dupe, it isn't the end of the world.

Infinite banner

Every time you pull on the Infinite banner, you will get 10 characters, but only 1 Epic. Also, you won't be able to get Angel/Demon characters from the banner, so if you want to reroll for them, you have to do it after the infinite banner - since you can't finish the tutorial without using it.

Who to get from the infinite banner?

Below you fill find some viable option to get from the Infinite Banner:

  • Vivienne - the best Caster in the game currently. Her damage output is scary, but on top of that she can buff her team with Speed buff to make them move and attack faster,
  • Velanna - the best Warrior in the game currently. She has great damage output and she's the second best carry in the game after Vivienne (though some people put them on par),
  • Talia - a buffer/dps hybrid. Her heals are actually just average, but she makes out for it with huge damage, great buffs, shields and mana recovery,
  • Petra - a great tank that is super hard to kill as she can heal and shield herself. She works really well under a high power deficit as she can steal HP from enemies and heal herself.

Next step


Once you're done with the Infinite banner, it's time to spend your tickets and gems on other banners. After picking all the Gems from Hall of Heroes, missions, and mail you should be able to do 30-40 pulls. That's enough to hit the mini-pity once if your luck is bad.

If have the patience, then you should reroll for Adrianne. She's currently the most broken character in the game as she can do everything - tank, heal and deal damage. Her only issue is that she's from the Angel faction, so she's hard to pull and hard to raise (but she's available in the labyrinth shop, so with time, you can max her through that).

Also, we suggest to pull on the Normal Summon banner, not the pick up rate one, because it seems the mini-pity every 30 pulls is only active on the Normal one.

You can also check our tier list below:



Now, if you've got what you want, head to the Settings and then Account tab. There you will find Link Account option.

If you didn't get who you want, you can press the Withdraw button instead, then type Eversoul. This will take you back to the home screen and you can try again!


Below you will find two videos showing the reroll process made by XuitedGamer and Volkin.