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Reroll methods

Goddess of Victory: NIKKE has in-build Guest Account system, which means you aren't forced to create an account for each attempt at rerolling - the forced account creation became popular recently in some gacha games, but thankfully Nikke still allows you to just use Guest Accounts.

Sadly, there is no account delete option, but here's where Salted email method comes in!

Salted emails

Important! Google email accounts are highly recommended for rerolling. This is because Gmail accounts can abuse the salt system, which basically allows you to use the same e-mail multiple times for registration.

To use a salted email, you add a +anything between the name and the @gmail portion of your e-mail address. For example, if your gmail account name is, a salted e-mail would be

The string behind the + symbol can be any letters or numbers of any length. Still, to easily keep track of rerolled accounts, we recommend using numbers. Any e-mails sent to a salted e-mail will be redirected to the email without the salt used.

If you're super serious about rerolling, we suggest to create a sheet or a txt file where you will track what salted account got what pulls.

Reroll guide

When you first install the game, press the Create Account button.

Reroll guide

Then, enter your email and password (to clarify: not the password you use for your email, but one you want to use for the game), but at the end of the email add +1. This will be your first rerolled account and let's hope the number never goes into 3 digits and the RNG will be on your side.

Reroll guide

Here's how the salted email should look like on your second run.

Reroll guide

Once you're done with the reroll (the process itself is described below), navigate the Menu screen and press the Account button.

Reroll guide

The next screen will have a Log Out button that will take you back to the lobby and you will be able to create another account - just change the number at the end of the email.

With this method, not only you're keeping all the accounts you've rolled and can come back to them at any time (when you for example have enough of rolling), but also it's the best method for those with limited internet transfer, as it means you just have to download the game once.

File manager abuse

Sadly after the recent ban on emulators, the File manager abuse no longer works.

Reroll process

One reroll in NIKKE takes around 10-12 minutes so it can be said it's average compared to other games. Sadly, you are forced to play through the tutorial without the ability to skip any parts - also auto-skill and auto-aim features unlock after you finish the tutorial and gain freedom of movement, forcing you to manually play the few battles in Chapter 1 every time.

Basically, just do what the game tells you to do till you reach the point around the 10 minute mark when you finish Chapter 1 and the game will ask you to do your first 10-pull. The tutorial 10-pull guarantees that you will receive one SSR rarity character (we did a few tests and never got two SSR while doing the tutorial pull, but maybe it's possible to obtain more than 1).

What's great is that the tutorial pool isn't limited and you can obtain ANY SSR Rarity characterfrom the three main factions - only Pilgrims and event-limited characters can't be pulled.

Once you do the tutorial pull, it's time to gather whatever rewards are currently available - sadly, compared to the early days, most likely you won't be able to get enough Gems to do another 10-pull. If you obtained a great character from the tutorial pull, you have to finish Chapter 2 to get enough Gems to do another 10-pull (and this is where you can start getting Pilgrims).

Who to aim for?

We know how the reroll process works in NIKKE, and the only question remains is who should we reroll for.

If you want to make your own choice, check our tier list - click on any character you fancy and check her review.

Before you start rolling here are some good easy to get (or free) characters you can get.

Good freebie characters

Privaty is a free character everyone obtains, but she will be locked behind beginner missions that take 2 weeks to finish. But Rapi is a great SR attacker that you can use till obtaining Privaty. So those two have you covered in the early game in regards to your damage dealers so instead of pulling more of them, in this route we will focus on Supporters and Defenders instead.

N102 is the second best Burst I support in the game that's super easy to get as she's SR rarity - with the way the damage formula works in the game, her ATK buffs is hard to match and only Liter surpasses her.

Now let's move to reroll goals - and there are two main ones:

Scarlet and Modernia are the two best damage dealers in the game that shine in nearly all content. Just be aware that both belong to the Pilgrim faction, so it's not possible to pull them from the tutorial banner.

Good alternatives in the damage dealer role:

Still, in case that you want to reroll for Scarlet and Modernia - and they can't be obtained in the tutorial pull, you need to turn your eyes toward support characters. And the best one is Liter:

Liter is the best supporter in the game that provides ATK buff for the whole team and has an unique ability to repair the covers behind which your characters hide - nobody else can do that. And she's not a Pilgrim!

Good alternatives in the supporter role:


Out of the 3 characters, only Dorothy is a Pilgrim - the rest can be obtained from the tutorial pull. Also, if you decide to reroll for Noir or Blanc, please keep in mind that the units have a great synergy with each other and you would want to get both.

Overall getting a great Burst I or II support and a great Burst III damage dealers will make your early game much easier, but it might take you some time to reroll to get the ideal pairing you would like.