About Eversoul

Eversoul is a idle gacha game developed by Nine Ark and published by Kakao Games. The development team is based in South Korea and Eversoul it's their first game, but Kakao Games is a well known publisher that you might know from Guardian Tales and World Flipper for example.

What's an idle game?

An idle game is a game that doesn't need constant player input to progress. While for the first week or so after installing the game, you will be busy progressing through the story, unlocking new game modes or functionalities and everything will feel like any other mobile RPG game, soon you will hit a wall - your characters won't be strong enough to tackle the stage. This is the moment when the idle game part kicks in. Since idle games don't have stamina and you can't go back to earlier stages to 'farm' there, the only thing you can do is close the game, relax and wait.

And while you're waiting, the game will 'farm' resources for you - and when you open it next day you will be able to make your characters stronger and soon you will beat the wall. Rinse and repeat.

Here's a few examples of other popular idle games: AFK Arena, NIKKE, Mythic Heroes, Idle Heroes.


Promotional image

Characters in Eversoul belong to one of 6 factions: Humans, Beasts, Fairy, Undead, Angels and Demons. While the first 4 factions are part of the classic 'elemental' wheel and they counter each other, Angels and Demons are this game's Light/Dark faction. They are rarer and harder to raise up, but provide you with some unique benefits.


Also, each character that you can obtain in the game belongs to one of three rarity tiers: common, rare and epic.

  • Common characters (green) will be rarely used even at the start of the game and will be discarded for a currency that you can use in a shop,
  • Rare characters (blue) will be used in the early game, but Epic characters will soon start replacing them. Still, Rare characters have an important function - they can be upgraded to Epic rarity (and higher) and then be used as fodder to upgrade the rarity of your Epic characters,
  • Epic characters (purple) will form the core of your team once you obtain them, but getting a single copy of them isn't enough. Why? We will explain below.

Each character also has 5 skills:

  • Ultimate - the strongest skill of a character, but all characters in the team share the ultimate bar, so you have to decide who should use the Ultimate skill (and on auto-battle, you can set-up the order),
  • Active - the active skill can be used once a character's MP reaches 100%. It's not as impactful as the Ultimate, but each character in the team will use their Active skill the moment it becomes available (or you can use them manually too),
  • Sub - there are 2 sub skills that are used automatically by the character. While in other games, the sub-skills are usually tied to a cooldown, in Eversoul they are proc based which means every time the character attacks, she has a chance to use one of her sub-skills,
  • Passive - and lastly, there's a passive skill that either affects the character itself or her allies/enemies.


In idle games, the starter rarities are only the beginning. As you can see on the image below, there are way more background colors than just the 3 mentioned above:


While we don't have the names for the rarity tiers above epic, we can assume the color progress looks like that: green, blue, purple, orange, pink, blue/purple gradient. On top of that, there are additional ranks that are commonly known as + ranks. So for example Epic+.

To reach the higher rarity tiers you will need two things: copies of the same character and fodder. Fodder will be obtainable from combining Rare characters with each other, but to get more copies of the same character, you will have to pull on the banners. A lot. Usually, some characters are also available in the in-game shops that are tied to some game modes, to make it easier to raise them, but pulling will be the main source of dupes.

Also this is why, just having one copy of an Epic character isn't enough and you will need to focus on a few characters and form the main team, rather than spreading your resources. That's because the level cap of characters will increase with the rarity. And getting stuck at the level cap will drastically hinder your progress. We will give additional tips in regard to progress in a dedicated guide later.

Overall, as a F2P player you should never invest into the Light/Dark factions as getting their dupes will be really hard - usually they have lower pull rate compared to other Epics.

Team building

The team in Eversoul consist of 5 characters and similar to other games, you will obtain additional stats when you use more characters from the same faction.


Let's translate the image.

  • Have 3 characters from the same faction in the team - +10% ATK and +10% HP,
  • Have 5 characters each from different faction in the team - +10% ATK and +10% HP,
  • Have 3 characters from the same faction in the team and 2 from a different faction - +15% ATK and +15% HP,
  • Have 4 characters from the same faction in the team - +20% ATK and +20% HP,
  • Have 5 characters from the same faction in the team - +25% ATK and +25% HP.

Angel and Demon factions break the above rules though. If you add an Angel faction character to your team, it will act as if it belongs to the faction you have most characters of in the team. For example, if you have 3x Undead, 1x Fairy and 1x Angel, you will get the 4 faction bonus as the Angel character will be treated as Undead.

As for the Demon faction - they don't interact with other factions, but provide bonuses based on the number of Demon characters in the team:

  • 1x Demon - +15% ATK
  • 2x Demon - +15% ATK, +10% Crit chance
  • 3x Demon - +15% ATK, +10% Crit chance, +20% Crit dmg
  • 4x Demon - +20% ATK, +15% Crit chance, +25% Crit dmg
  • 5x Demon - +25% ATK, +20% Crit chance, +30% Crit dmg

But what's different from other idle games is that in Eversoul you can also set a Formation and depending on your choice, you will get different bonus stats.


There are 4 formations you can choose:

  • 3 back + 2 front - front characters get +9% DEF and HP, and back characters get +6% ATK
  • 2 back + 3 front - front characters get +6% DEF and HP, and back characters get +9% ATK
  • 4 back + 1 front - front character gets +16% DEF and HP, and back characters get +4% ATK
  • 1 back + 4 front - front characters get +4% DEF and HP, and back character gets +16% ATK


The combat in Eversoul uses full models of the characters, not chibis like most idle games do. You can see how it looks in action on the video below:


Not much is known about game modes available in the game, but from the promotional materials and interviews we can assume that we will get:

Main story

Obviously, but here Eversoul put a small twist and you just don't load a stage after a stage like in other idle games, but instead you run around the map, talk with NPC etc. So the Main Story itself is way more interactive.

Shattered Labyrinth

The staple of idle genre. You have to pick your path and progress through the labyrinth while both fighting stronger and stronger enemies and trying to keep your team alive (as HP won't regenerate here between fights). So healers are crucial in this mode,

Hall of Memories

Hall of Memories is a dungeon-like mode where you have to traverse though a map, find treasures, solve riddles etc.

Town building

The first really unique thing in Eversoul - you will be able to build and decorate your own Town and some of the buildings will even impact your characters and provide more resources! Check the video below for a quick look into the Town.

There are more modes coming, but only those were revealed so far!

Bond system


The Bond system in Eversoul allows you to converse with your characters, give them gifts and learn more about their past. Also, if you increase the Bond to maximum level you will obtain their exclusive skin that changes their appearance in battle - what's important, you can't buy skins in Eversoul and you can only get them through Bonds.

The video below shows the system in action.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many servers will there be?

The game is split into 2 regions: NA/EU and Asia. Both are playable from the same client and there's no region block. So if you have friends in a region you don't live in, nothing stops you from playing with them.

What are the supported languages?

English, Chinese (Traditional), and Korean. Still, the voiceovers are only available in Korean - the game's original language.

Is Eversoul a main or side type of game?

As most idle games, Eversoul should be a side game. While the first week or few will be more time-consuming, once you start hitting the progression walls, you will login, do daily quests and just wait for resources to gather.

How long does it take to finish the dailies?

Around 15 minutes.

What are the rates and pity?

4% for Epic character and there's 30 pull mini-pity on the normal banner.

How important are dupes?

Very. Everything revolves around dupes in an idle game as the maximum level cap is tied to the rarity tier of your characters. Also not only the Epics are an issue, but also the fodder. This is why we suggest to pick one character from each of the 4 main factions and invest into it, and then pick a second character from the faction you have most dupes/fodder. This is the fastest way to progress in idle games.

Ignore the Angel/Demons characters unless you're a spender.

Keep in mind that because of the reliance on dupes, idle games have much higher Gem income than other gacha games so you pull way more often here.

Is the game P2W?

It's not - as F2P player you can easily progress and you can also borrow strong heroes from your friends (up to 5 a day) to make your journey smoother.

Do you need to reroll?

You don't.

1 or 2 copies of an Epic won't help you much in the long run - or even short run - but also in Eversoul once you finish the tutorial, you will unlock an infinite reroll banner. You can get at most 1 Epic character from it, and you can reroll how long you want. Still, Angel/Demon character aren't available on the banner.

Also, we are preparing a 'reroll' guide that will show you the best Epic characters you can get from the banner to start strong in the game!

Is there PVP?

Yes. The typical idle game pvp that's auto, so you don't need to stress about it.

Is there a PC client?

There isn't one sadly. If you want to play the game on your PC, you can use emulators, but the developers are clear they won't support them so if any issues appear, you're on your own.