Team building

Building a proper team becomes really important around Chapter 7. At that point, enemies will not only start to have more Combat Power than you, but more importantly, their teams won't be made out of random characters and instead they will create annoying and synergetic compositions.

That's why around Chapter 6 you should take a good look at the characters you've pulled so far and decide on the direction you want to go. Do keep in mind that the characters you are Ascending past Epic aren't always the same characters you will use in your team - the game might give you a lot of copies of a character you don't like or don't want to use, but you may still need to Ascend her to use for level sync.

If you followed our beginner’s guide and reroll suggestions, you should have a decent start already, in Aki and/or Honglan. From there, you’d need a decent tank, support, and a fifth member to fill out the team. Your goal at this point should be to build a team that can at least make use of the first Faction bonus - and do that you need to have 3 characters from the same faction in your team. This will provide you with a 10% boost to ATK and HP to all your characters.

The image below shows all faction bonuses possible:


This is a list of characters that everyone will receive for free during the first 2 days (we skipped Seeha and Mephi as you will need around a week to get both):


Good synergies

Below you will find a list of synergies we found that make some characters perform much better.

Honglan and Talia/Vivienne/Yuria

Honglan's damage output and speed and mana manipulation make her the best support character in the game, hands down. Still, she has a glaring weakness when you want to use her as your main carry - she's slow, so it takes a long time for her to cast her skills. This is why you pair her with Talia or Vivi (or both) as they give her more mana and and speed buffs, and allow you to work around her weakness. With the addition of Yuria, it’s also possible to skip over Talia/Vivi combo since Yuria more or less does both of their jobs in one, however being that she’s an Angel unit she is quite a bit harder to acquire and ascend.

Jacqueline and Velanna

Jacq teleports to the enemy backline at the start of the battle to wreak havoc there, putting bleed on enemies. Then Velanna's ultimate will deal more damage to the backline and stun them as she becomes much stronger when attacking targets that are already bleeding.

Example team comps

Here are some of the most commonly used teams. They will be shown with the core members first, followed by the easiest to acquire early game members, then later members that can be acquired and built up as you progress.

Fairy + Honglan

Aka the most OP comp in the game.


This team works very well in almost all circumstances, and is quite well-rounded. It even continues to be strong in the late game, so it’s a good one to invest in. Chloe is easily the best solo-tank in the game, as she comes with an AoE taunt and a second life mechanic in her absurd regen when she gets low once per battle.

In the back line, Talia brings passive defensive buffs, heals, cleanse, dispel, and serves as a mana battery for her team. Her kit is so loaded that she’s the easiest support to slot in for universal usage. And of course Honglan, the support/DPS, should be able to keep the enemy in check while DPSing them down.

Early game options

For the last two members of this team, there are quite a few options early on:

  • Vivi is the most common, as she provides speed to the ever-slow Honglan and some supplementary DPS.
  • Daphne is also a great member to slot in, as she brings a higher faction bonus (another Fairy unit) and helps Chloe tank. She works great at low ascensions, and her damage reflecting mechanic can also wipe the enemy’s frontline quite effectively!
  • Naiah provides amazing CC in the form of AoE sleeps, respectable damage, and is also Fairy faction.
  • Catherine can be slotted into this team as well if you require more survivability for your frontline, supporting your tank(s) with her shields and invulnerability.
Late game options