In this guide you will find the a few meta teams that are used by the players in Limbus Company.

MVP Team

About the team

All the powerhouses of the game in one team. This team consists of 4 units only because last spot can be filled in by Identities such us: [Seven Association South Section 6 Director] Outis, [Effloresced E.G.O::Spicebush] Yi Sang, [Kurokumo Clan Wakashu] Hong Lu, [Liu South Section 4] Ishmael, [Tingtang Gang Gangleader] Hong Lu, [Rosespanner Workshop Rep.] Rodion, [W Corp. L3 Cleanup Agent] Don Quixote. Last spot can be even left open to allow [The One Who Shall Grip] Sinclair to dish out even more damage. Or add any other ID, as the starting 4 will be able to handle the majority of the content easily.

Burn Team

About the team

This one can be done with 4 Liu members only to give Liu Ishmael additional skill slot. [R.B. Chef de Cuisine] Ryoshu is in there due to [4th Match Flame] EGO and additional sin resources generation. Last spot can also be filled by [The One Who Shall Grip] Sinclair. Additionally, having EGOs like [Capote] Meursault, [Capote] Ishmael and/or [Ardor Blossom Star] Ishmael will make the team even better.

Rupture Team

About the team

This team is a bit unusual, because of 4 members with requirement of [Lobotomy E.G.O::Red Sheet] Sinclair needed to be first. With 2 action slots reserved for him, it is easier to set up 5 talismans, inflict them on enemies with Skill 3 and keep rupture permanently going. LCCB Ishmael is needed to help Gregor Burst Tremor so he can inflict Rupture Count. In a fight that will require up to seven sinners, [Seven Association South Section 6] Yi Sang with Dimensional Shredder EGO and [Seven Association South Section 6 Director] Outis will be good additions. Note, [K Corp. Class 3 Excision Staff] Hong Lu will need Dimensional Shredder EGO in that setup to assist even better

Pure W Team charge team

About the team

Charge is among the better statuses or archetypes to build around. Pure W team charge team has access to damage, debuffs, tankiness and can cover quite a nice variety of E.G.O.s to utilise in battles. W Don and W Ryoshu are main damage dealers, W Fuast supports with debuffs and charge, W Hong Lu provides shields and charge for others while W Meur, the most replaceable from the team, provides damage amp via his defense down debuff. All of those IDs, except Ryoshu, have higher than average defensive statistics, meaning they can take a bit of damage before things start to go south. In case the team needs 7 sinners, R Corp. Ishamel and R. Corp. Heathcliff fill the last 2 spots.

Charge team

About the team

This team is pure damage. W Ryoshu and W Ishmael require U4 to make it work. All of those IDs can output great damage and clash nicely on top of having access to the best E.G.O.s out there. Last spot can be filled in by any other ID like W Corp. Faust or w. Corp. Hong Lu. Any charge ID will really work in this team. While this team might be expensive, it is sure worth the cost.

Early-game team

About the team

All Identities in the team can clash very decently. Even with no access to gacha or battle pass E.G.O.s, Outis’ base E.G.O. To Pathos Mathos and Heathcliff’s Bodybag will be more than enough to use in cases of emergencies. No need to Uptie 4 and base Identities get free Uptie 3 with story progress.