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In SP Arena, no defense works. Essentially, defense is trash. CP gap is the best defense. Attackers will always have the advantage. Use the below template as a starting point for your defense team setups. It's not the best setup, but it'll work if the opponent isn't experienced (i.e. lacks general PvP knowledge).

  • T1: 2-2.5RL Scarlet Jackal
  • T2: Noah/Blanc Biscuit stall with SAnis
  • T3: Do your best, Alice/Maiden/Power/Privaty are good main B3s.

Read everything if you want a better understanding on PvP team-building, especially the Basic PvP building section.

Point to Remember: There are no perfect teams for Arena. All you can do is try to win in defense by "knowledge checking your opponent", but if you have the units, investments and no CP Deficit: you SHOULD ALWAYS be winning in attack. However, PvP without key units is essentially just suffering. Refer to our Arena Mechanics guide for basic understanding of how PvP works.

This guide was only made possible because of cleancascade. His insight towards PvP matchups along with his dedication towards testing is something I consider to be the best of anyone I have discussed PvP with. I thank him for being a huge help in the Nikke Community Discord and being an inspiration to complete a full PvP guide for everyone. A lot of what you see in this guide is by him.

Not A Tier List

Order of importance: left to right within tiers.

  • Warps the Meta: Most essential units in PvP. You should be trying to make the most of all these units on your setups. Missing any of them puts you at a disadvantage.
  • Strong Picks: Good units who range from big play-makers to consistent filler. You can easily fit these units into your teams.
  • Good Picks: Units that are usually used for burst gen, or can be useful as main units if you lack critical units.
  • Situational/Replacements: useful every now and then, but generally get outclassed or are held back by noticeable flaws.
  • Specialists: they have one or two serious use-case scenarios, which we will discuss later.
Warp The Meta - B1
Warp The Meta - B2
Warp The Meta - B3
Strong Picks - B1
Strong Picks - B2
Anne: Miracle Fairy
Strong Picks - B3
Good Picks - B1
Good Picks - B2
Good Picks - B3