Is it even worth to reroll?

The short answers is no.

And here's the long answer:

  • Some time ago Mihoyo removed the Guest Login option from their games and obviously the option is also missing in Honkai: Star Rail. This means you will need to use a different account for every reroll attempt (because salting isn't working here either),
    • So if you're already playing Genshin Impact for example, if you plan to reroll, there's no way to have both games on the same account.
  • It takes around 30-40 minutes to finish the tutorial and reach the moment when you can actually start pulling,
    • The long time is caused by the tutorial being quite story-heavy and you can't skip any of the conversations and have to click through them,
  • The rates in the game are pretty low (0.3%/0.6% for a 5★ Character), so it might take you even a whole day of rolling to get one - and it's high chance it will be someone you don't want as you will be able to only do roughly 20-22 pulls when you unlock Warping,
  • While we will receive 20 Star Rail Passes (summon tickets) from pre-register, you can't use them on the Rate-Up banners - so rerolling for Seele is basically impossible,
  • You are guaranteed to obtain a 5★ Character from the Departure Warp Banner within the first 50 pulls.

If you're still here, then I think this meme is perfect for you:

Reroll Pain

So let's continue with the reroll guide!

How to reroll

Reroll methods

Sadly, there's just one. As we mentioned in the warning section, you will need to prepare a ton of dummy emails if you plan to reroll - the salting method is blocked, so there's no other way.

So the rerolling process will look like this:

  1. Log in to the game with new mail,
  2. Suffer for 30-40 minutes and get finger cramps from all the clicking through dialogue,
  3. Then suffer even more as you're doing your pulls,
  4. Log out and log in with new email.

Thankfully on PC you should be able to use emulators and their multi-instance feature to simultaneously reroll a few accounts at once. We will expand this point closer to the release of the game when we know how it runs on emulators.

The prologue

Reroll Pain

The prologue acts as tutorial in Honkai: Star Rail and as we mentioned earlier, it takes around 30-40 minutes to reach the part of it that unlocks Warping - that's how the gacha is called in this game.

While playing through the tutorial in the Final Beta we tried to create an optimal way of progressing though it, but sadly the game leads you in a corridor-like route, slowly introducing the main cast of characters and also various features of the game: exploration, roles, elements, basic combat mechanics, advanced combat mechanics and so on. So you can't really skip any part of the tutorial and have to play through everything the game throws at you.

But the worst offender that affects the length of the tutorial are conversations. Tons of conversations. And you can't skip them - you have to wait for every character to start saying their lines and then you can start clicking to interrupt them and 'move' to the next character. It's tedious.

Prologue steps (beware, spoilers!)
  1. You initially play as Kafka and explore the station together with Silver Wolf,
  2. After a few minutes of enjoying Kafka murdering the Antimatter Legion, you will unlock the main character - you can pick Female or Male version and your choice doesn't matter (gameplay-wise at least - since both genders have the same skills, passives etc.),
  3. March 7th and Dan Heng will replace Kafka and Silver Wolf and together with them you will continue your exploration and unlock Traces and Light Cones,
  4. Himeko will temporarily join your team at this point and she makes murdering the Legion much easier,
  5. A few fights later (including a boss battle) you will meet Asta and finally unlock Warping.
An important tip

Since the majority of the tutorial is focused on fighting, make sure to use your Adventure Logs to level up the MC and Dan Heng - this will improve their damage output and allow you to kill the monsters faster.


Once you finish the tutorial and unlock Warping you will receive 20 Star Rail Passes from the pre-register rewards. Sadly, the Passes can't be used on Rate-Up banners as they require Star Rail Special Passes instead. So you're forced to pull on either the Departure Warp (beginner banner) or on Stellar Warp (regular banner).

Also, your Trailblaze Level should be level 4 (though in some cases you can be only TL 3), so you might consider playing for a little bit more to reach TL 5 - this will give you additional 10 Star Rail Passes from the launch progression event.

The next reward in the event is locked behind reaching TL level 15 (which should take roughly 2-3 hours). While progressing till level 15 will give you enough Star Rail Passes to reach the pity on the Departure Warp and obtain your first 5★ Character, it takes quite a while.

So, now you have a few possible options:

NameHow it worksTime required
The fast and greedy reroll

Do the 20 pulls on the Stellar Warp banner right after unlocking warping. Your aim here is to start with 2x 5★ Characters - one from the 20 pulls done on Stellar Warp banner and the other from the Departure Warp pity within 50 pulls.

Just keep in mind that it might take you a lot of tries to get a 5★ from the initial 20 pulls - there's only 0.3% chance to pull one.

You can also play for a 10-15 more minutes and reach TL 5 to get 10 additional tickets.

30-40 minutes
The patient one

Do the 20 pulls on the Departure Warp banner right after unlocking warping (while the banner has 50 pull pity, you might get the 5★ character earlier).

If you're unlucky, just keep playing and you will get 10 more tickets at TL 5 and another 10 tickets at TL 15. This is enough to reach the 50 pity, because the banner has 20% discount (you need to only use 40 tickets to do 50 pulls).

You will get one of the 7 available characters and if it's someone you like - you're done! If not, you have to try again.

  • 30-40 minutes (20 pulls)
  • 50-60 minutes (30 pulls)
  • 120-150 minutes (40 and 50 pulls)
The Volkin Special

Do the 20 pulls on the Departure Warp banner right after unlocking warping (while the banner has 50 pull pity, you might get the 5★ character earlier).

If you're unlucky, just keep playing and you will get 10 more tickets at TL 5. From this moment instead of playing the story, you will buy a few summon tickets in the store and do a chest run to get the remaining Jades. Volkin's video goes over the route and the method in detail.

60-75 minutes

Volkin and Grim explain the reroll process and provide an alternative way of rolling to get the 50 pulls on the Newbie banner:


You can obtain both 5★ Characters and Light Cones from both banners. Here's the list of possible 5★ Characters:


Information about the Standard banner:

  • The rate for pulling a 5★ Character from this banner is currently set at 0.3% (and 0.3% for a 5★ Light Cone),
  • The rate for pulling a 4★ Character from this banner is currently set at 5.1%.

Now which of the 7 available characters is the best one? Let's go over each of them to show their good and bad sides!

CharacterRoleProsConsReroll value

One of the two Healers available on release which makes her crucial in Forgotten Hall - in this mode after reaching its deeper depths, you will need to build 2 teams, not just one. And without a Healer on both you will struggle in some nodes.

Also, her revive passive helps you cover some mistakes as it will prevent the first death of an ally in a battle. Which is a great ability to have in general content, but super important in Simulated Universe.

Actually being a Healer is also her con. You will get Natasha for free quite early (and she's the other Healer we have access to) and unless you will play hardcore it's possible we will get another Healer released before you actually reach the point in Memory of Chaos side of FH where you will need a second Healer.


Hands down, she's the most universal Support character available on the release who also should be resistant to powercreep for a long time. Her buffs are too good to pass on and the ability to advance the action of an ally allows you to build them full damage and just continue using Bronya's Skill on them, so they get their turn and nuke the enemy.

She is a must-have if you want to run a hypercarry team, but she also works in any other kind of team due to her buffs being so good and universal.

In the early game, you want to run defensive support characters rather than offensive ones. That's because of how the damage multipliers work - with bad gear, the amplification Bronya gives won't have that big impact.


Clara is an unique damage dealer as her gameplay is actually the opposite of any other DPS - she just sits in the back and let Svarog (her mecha protector) do the heavy lifting by countering those who dared to attack Clara.

She has the highest damage ceiling of any character available on release, but the right things need to happen in the battle.

You need to build the team around her to actually use her to her full potential.

Also, she's terrible at farming. You want to go fast there and don't wait for the enemies to attack you, so you can then bonk them to the shadow realm.


Gepard is a Shielder who is an upgrade to March 7th - while she can Shield just one ally, he can apply Shields to whole party at the same time and they are actually really damn strong, but he can do it less often than March 7th.

In some cases, you actually don't need a Healer in your party if you have Gepard as he will basically prevent all damage from hurting anyone.

His Shield is locked behind his Ultimate and the rest of his kit is a bit underwhelming. To make his Skill Freeze the enemy with 100% chance you need his E1 which will be impossible to get on release. Without E1 you will just use him as Skill Point generator and just attack enemies with his Basic attack and use his Ult.


Himeko is a damage dealer that focuses on doing AoE damage - she can clear wave after wave of enemies without breaking a sweat and she can do it with class! A lot of bosses in the game either spawn monsters or monster-like entities, so there's always something for her to kill.

For the longest time, she was considered underwhelming, but that's because she requires more investment than others.

Well, when there are no additional enemies and just the boss remains, her damage output plummets. This is why you usually want to pair Himeko with a single target focused DPS, so they can balance each other.

Also, she is a bit weaker pre level 50 and needs more gear than others to start shining - as you want to make her strong enough to kill the ads quickly. And if you want to run her as your hypercarry, you will require top tier gear.


Welt is a debuffer who also can output decent damage. His debuffs revolve around slowing the enemy down and delaying his actions, so your team can deal use all their skills before letting the boss counter attack.

He's also the only Imaginary character available on release and there's a lot of enemies with that weakness on the first 2 planets, allowing him to shine even more.

While in most turn-based games, a character that can delay enemy actions is top tier and a must-have, in Honkai: Star Rail it's not exactly true. Here, instead of slowing down the enemy, you want to speed up your characters instead, as this allows them to use more actions. Also in the release version of the game there's really no content where he shines and other characters help you more.


Yanqing is a damage dealer who is the opposite of Himeko - not only element wise, but also gameplay wise. He's focused on dealing massive single target damage and buffing himself to do even more damage.

His ability to give himself free Crit Rate and Crit DMG is actually super strong early game as you can easily reach 100% Crit Rate which is super valuable in the early game where your gear sucks.

The issue is that while on paper all the self-buffs look great, it's actually really hard to keep them on him. A lot of bosses or even normal enemies use AoE attacks, and if Yanqing gets hit by anything he will lose the buffs. You NEED to pair him with a Shielder to be able to use his full potential.

This means that while he is super close to Seele in our DPS Ranking, realistically it will be really hard to achieve it in the game.

Also, you can't run him as your hypercarry because all his skills are just single target, so it will take ages to go through the monsters some of the bosses spawn (and you can't ignore them in a lot of cases).

Reroll value explanation:

  • - The best you can go for,
  • - The runner-up who won't disappoint you,
  • - A versatile character with something unique that makes it stand out,
  • - While they aren't strong enough to stand on the podium, they still have some good things about them that make them worth using - so they deserve a cookie reward!

More information

If you're eager to learn more about the 7 characters and check other point of view about rerolling, check out this video: