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Last updated: 03.12.2023

Reverse:1999 is a game where team building and strategy is the main focus, so take the ratings listed here with a grain of salt, as most characters can perform well when under the right team and circumstances, while conversely, most characters rely on a good synergy with their teammates to deliver a good performance.

To build this Tier List, we tested all characters both on their lower levels and high level, as well as both in optimal and non-optimal scenarios. We took into consideration their versatility, performance compared to other characters of the same role/niche, and if they grow or fall off as the game progresses.

Tier List Options
  • Global (1.2): How the character performs within their role in the content available in the 1.2 patch (current Global). This rating averages the performance in Event, UTTU and Limbo,
  • CN (1.4): How the character performs within their role in the content available in the 1.4 patch (current CN). This rating averages the performance in Event, UTTU, Limbo and Raids.
  • Overall: How the character performs ignoring the patch specific content - the rating showcases the overall character strength.
  • Flexibility: How easy it is to use the character and fit it into your team. The higher the rating, the more teams can benefit from the character or it's easier to build a team around it.
Tier List Criteria
  • Damage Dealer: Characters whose the main function is do deal damage.
  • Support: Arcanists who you bring to the team for their utility or support aspects, be it buffs, debuffs, control, and so on.
  • Survival: Healers, Tanks, and the ones with tools who help keep the team alive.

NOTE: We also added tags below each character to facilitate understanding their niche and help with team building. If you want to know more about each character, please check their page for full information and review (only some characters have their reviews available as we're currently working on them).

  • S - The best at fulfilling their role.
  • A - Still excellent at fulfilling their role, only falling behind S-tier by a little,
  • B - Worth the investment, but starts to fall on niches or lagging behind in damage later in the game,
  • C - Not a priority. You should consider carefully if these characters fill the niche you need,
  • D - Not recommended unless under very specific circumstances or if you really like the character,
  • E - Much like the above, these are extremely niche and hard to justify investment,
  • F - ONiON.


The Global tier list has been updated for the upcoming 1.2 patch. Since the Afflatus focus favors Star and Plant, some adjustements happened and we marked the characters that went down and up with the arrows.


Now that 1.4 patch is coming to an end in the CN region, we were able to obtain the full picture of how characters perform in Limbo, UTTU, event and Raids (new addition to the game). So we adjusted the ratings to try to average the performance of the characters in all of those modes.


  • Intellect and Spirit characters have overall gone up a notch thanks to the new Psychube "Balance Please". "Silent and Adoring" also bumped up the utility of characters who have counters and follow up attacks (namely Ms. Newbabel).
  • Due to the high number of enemies using Counters in this patch (especially in UTTU), certain niche characters like TTT gained more space.
  • Overall, more defensive characters became much more relevant due to the constant damage output from enemies in all modes, especially in raids, where having 4 characters in the field means you almost always want to bring both a healer and a way to mitigate damage.


  • 6 was added to the tier list,
  • Melania: A S (CN 1.4) - the Queen of the newly released Raid mode. Because of her kit being super single-target focused, she was the best and most commonly used DPS against all 3 Bosses introduced in this patch,
  • Jessica: A S (CN 1.4) - boasted decent performance in the Raids, but most importantly after a long time, Limbo again turned to favor Plants, so her usage drastically rose,
  • Regulus: S A (CN 1.4) - while Regulus was used in the early cycle of the patch together with 37, later on Lilya took her spot in that team,
  • Charlie: S A (CN 1.4) - lost place in the Raid teams to other damage dealers,
  • Eagle, Sweetheart, Satsuki: C B (CN 1.4) - were commonly used in Raids and other content by players who lacked the higher rarity characters,
  • Moondlicht: D C (CN 1.4) - same as above,
  • Bunny Bunny: E D (CN 1.4) - same as above,
  • Shamane: A S (CN 1.4) - took Voyager space in a lot of teams in the second half of the patch and overall proved to be the better choice for the content,
  • X: B A (CN 1.4) - with the release of Balance, Please psychube, X usage rate rose,
  • Voyager: S A (CN 1.4) - while she was used commonly in Raids and Event during the first half of the patch, over time the meta turned away from her in favor of Shamane and the newly released 6,
  • Horropedia: A B (CN 1.4) - his popularity and usage rate dropped in the second half of the patch,
  • Balloon Party: A S (CN 1.4) - the content in the game actually got harder in the later half of the patch and double defensive supports team started to appear - otherwise you had trouble surviving. This made Balloon Party a popular and easy to slot pick,
  • Sotheby: B A (CN 1.4) - same as above, but also the rise of Jessica usage meant that Sotheby got more popular,
  • Tennant: B A (CN 1.4) - same as above,
  • Dikke: B A (CN 1.4) - same as above,
  • Click: C B (CN 1.4) - same as above.
  • A lot of lower rarity defensive characters in both Support and Sustain category got their ratings increased.

We have fully reworked the tier list. Now, we rate the characters according to the patch meta (in Global and CN tier lists) while the Overall tier list showcases the general strength of the character, ignoring the dedicated patch content.

  • Melania: from A/A to A/S. Her own Moxie gain mechanics are better than anticipated, making her slightly less AP greedy. Her leech rate and extremely high multipliers once fully stacked make her a carry perfectly tailored for endgame content.
  • La Source: from A/C to S/B. La Source is just a great and La Sourceful healer all around and extremely powerful on early. She falls down on late due to being squishy but her utility with -5 moxie deplete plus constant healing is still useful.
  • Sotheby: from C/A to B/A. Sotheby isn't as bad on early as she may seem and she will become even better once Jessica and Kanjira get released. Besides, she has the "hidden" utility of enabling characters who rely on targets being under a negative status to proc their bonus effects, or need to be under a positive status to trigger their bonus effects.
  • Ms. Newbabel: from B/A to C/B. Requires too many resources and struggles to keep the party alive on Early. On late game, while being extremely tanky and having useful tools, these tools are still more niche than other characters of the same role.
  • Horropedia: From A/A to B/A. Only at Insight 3 he gains his passive that gives him +20% damage if he's using cards lv 2+ (which you should prioritize anyway since you rely on that for his other passive). Before that his damage is average to mediocre.
  • Ms. Radio: From D/C to E/E. Let's be honest, she's a lot worse and a lot less used than Door. You usually want sacc characters to die asap, but her function is to deplete Moxie from enemies and ban them from gaining Moxie, but at the first rounds enemies don't have Moxie anyway and a lot of other characters can deplete Moxie as well, rendering her nearly useless.
  • Twins Sleep: From B/C to B/B. Cheap to raise, has crit debuff, ult doesn't have a special requirement to inflict Nightmare, their passive can make their wide range of debuffs last an extra round.
  • X: From B/B to B/A. Has a very versatile kit that can be particularly effective against elite enemies and bosses.
  • Leilani: From B/D to B/C. Decent damage in Early, useful Moxie mechanic that can be taken advantage of even in late game. Works both for Sacrifice Strats or as a Substitute.

Added characters that will be released in the future (use the toggle to enable them).


Initial release of the tier list.

Tier List (Global - 1.2)

You're currently viewing the Global (1.2) tier list. It shows how the character performs within their role in the content available in the 1.2 patch (upcoming Global). This rating averages the performance in Event, UTTU and Limbo. Use the switcher below to view a different tier list.

Patch specific content focus:


Patch specific content focus: